Hot And Spicy Squids Recipe

Hot and Spicy Chewy Squids Recipe

Hi Friends, I like to share this delicious recipe with You. This squid recipe has a fragrant ingredient which is blue ginger that greatly enhances its flavor. The shallots, lemon grass and etc. also adds to its strong taste.

What does it taste Like?
1) It has strong fragrance of spices, salty taste with spiciness that gives you a wonderful tasting experience for your taste buds. This dish eaten with rice is flavorful due to the sauce.
2) The squid is chewy and juicy.

2 Good points of this dish :
1) Simple easy to cook
2) Variety of fragrant ingredients that gives a strong delicious taste and leave you wanting more.

Look at the Beautiful Ingredients Below:


Ingredients :




• Squids : 500 grams
• 2 Onions : (Cut into Rings)
• Chili paste
• Few curry leaves
• Salt or Seasoning to taste

Ingredients to be blended :
• Garlic : 5 cloves
• Shallots : 5 pieces
• Lemon Grass : 1 stalk
• Ginger : 5 slices
• Blue Ginger : 5 slices
• Few Curry leaves

Cooking Steps:
(1) After thoroughly cleaning the squids, slice squids into ¾ way and do not cut through.

(2) With water cover half of the ingredients to be blended. Blend into paste.

(3) Heat up 3 tbsp. of oil, sauté blended ingredients until fragrant, add in chili paste and curry leaves, stir fry until oil is separated from the ingredients.

(4) Next, stir in onion, follow by squids, stir fry and toss all ingredients until squids are cooked and chewy.