How To Create YouTube Thumbnails With Canva – FutureUniverseTV Presents Practical Ways To Attract Your Audience To Click On Your Video

How To Create YouTube Thumbnails With Canva. FutureUniverseTV Presents Practical Ways To Attract Your Audience To Click On Your Video.

How To Create YouTube Thumbnails With Canva
How To Create YouTube Thumbnails With Canva

Canva Pro is free for 30 days if you’re new to Canva. If you get this, you’ll be able to: Remove the background from your images, e.g. if you want to layer a picture of yourself over a background. Access thousands of stock images and icons to make your thumbnails stand out. Upload and save your brand assets like fonts, color palettes, and images. A folder is also a good place to store thumbnails. Your thumbnails can be resized for every social platform with just a click. It’s a great way to spread the word about your YouTube video. If you’re in Canva, click the YouTube Thumbnail template or type YouTube Thumbnail in the search bar.

It’s great to have YouTube. Almost anything can be learned in just a few minutes. Find out how to make stand-out YouTube thumbnails in Canva! Having a pro-looking channel doesn’t require being a YouTube Manager or a Graphic Designer. You’ll be happy to hear that Canva makes it super easy for your channel to stand out and get more clicks. During today’s training, I’ll show you how to make your own YouTube thumbnails, so you can transform the look and feel of your channel in a way that’s unique to you.

For DIY designers, Canva is heaven-sent. You can make stunning designs for your blog, video channel, or social media page. It’s the same with Canva’s YouTube thumbnail design. Hundreds of pre-made templates and an easy drag-and-drop interface make creating your perfect YouTube thumbnail a breeze.

Before we get into how, let’s talk about why you should make your own thumbnail. According to this awesome Canva post, 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. Your thumbnail is your visual connection to potential viewers, so it’ll help your ideal client decide if your video’s worth clicking through and taking action. Creating your own thumbnails is a great way to stand out and get your ideal client subscribe, binge-watch, and come back for more awesome tips. If you show up in the headline, then your thumbnail will get them to click on your video.

There’s a handy background removal tool in Canva. Although sometimes it’s a little clunky, this works really well. Now, you can only remove backgrounds with Canva Pro. You can still get a lot done with the free version, too!

Let me show you this hack before I move on from Canva. My designs are all in one place with Canva. I put all my thumbnails from last year in one Canva project. As I start a new one for this year, I’m grabbing fonts and shapes and copying them to the design I’m working on, and they’re just all in one place.

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