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How To Memorise Fast.  FutureUniverseTV shares expert tips and tricks.

How To Memorise Fast
How To Memorise Fast

Is there anything more frustrating than struggling to remember a foreign language word? It’s usually already changed by the time you remember it! Making friends and learning a new language, or learning English, is all about expressing yourself and showing your personality. Take a look at these three tips to memorize vocabulary efficiently.

Tip 1. Using vocabulary in a context that is useful, relevant, or interesting to you is the best way to memorize it, according to the F.A.S.T method. Our language school’s head used cauliflower as an example. Until she made a personal association with the word, it was hard for her to remember. From above, the neighborhood she lives in looks like a cauliflower! Her home now reminds her of cauliflower every time she sees it. It’s those local, daily associations and contexts that make vocabulary so easy to learn.

Tip 2. Write down words when you hear them in a notebook. Try to write down the word whenever you hear it, and translate the meaning if you can, whether you’re watching a movie or asking a friend. Apps are everywhere these days. You can even look up words on the Kindle. It’s important to do this right away, don’t wait! When you need to learn a word, it’s most important at the moment you need to understand it or use it. Learning a language takes commitment, but you’ll always get your money’s worth. Even if you remember the meaning of a word once, it’s usually not enough – especially if you’re scatterbrained like me! It’s important to check your vocabulary again a few minutes after writing it down. After some time, go back to your words and try to make real-life examples from them. My friends are coming over for dinner tonight, so I’m going to roast some cauliflower. Knowing when, where, and how to use words in your everyday life will help you be prepared for any situation! You won’t be lost for words anymore.

Tip 3. Quantity isn’t as important as quality! You can sit down with a dictionary and learn 1,000 words in 4 hours, but you won’t remember anything the next day. You should focus on learning the words you want to learn extremely well instead of learning as many words as possible. You can apply all of the above tips to learning a small set of words that are relevant to you.