Ideal-Air Industrial Grade Humidifier 200 pint

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Depending on humidity requirements and ceiling height, the industrial grade humidifier can cover an area of 1,176 to 1,614 square feet.

A maximum of 200 pints can be produced per day. This machine has been powered by an industrial grade motor for many years.

Connects directly to your water source using 1/4 inch tubing and is compatible with 62 volts from 62 power outlets
The nominal diameter of the 15-inch tall x 15-inch diameter is 15 inches.

The 100 percent battery provides 60 percent of the current. An ampacity of 9

Questions & Answers
A 500 square foot commercial humidifier can be used for humidification purposes. This time around, you are focused on cleaning, and the sound is better than last time. It would seem that two weeks would be the typical amount of time for it to begin setting the maximum degree of humidity.

When I insert my hose into the gray fitting of my water pump, the water does not seem to fill up, is there something attached to the gray fitting sticking out of the unit, but it is not filled up with water, is something blocking the fitting?

A 1/4 male fitting was installed inside, with an arrow indicating where a plug should protrude. You can easily remove the gray plug after you have pushed in the lock collar on the fitting. To complete the procedure, the 1/8-inch drip line tube must be fitted into the fitting. It is possible that you have to undo the locks on your storage unit’s base and adjust the float in the reservoir so that there is about 1/2 inch of water at most. It is possible to trace this problem to either high or low water levels when the fan is operating. Water fills up to a higher level than usual as it fills up.

Using the short connect cable, simply clip it over the base reservoir and insert your 1/4″ feed line. The floating valve assembly is attached to a quick connect 1/4″ fitting on the unit’s frame. Using the eye-catching picture on your screen, you can easily identify the hose connection on the lower right side of the humidifier.

At a rate of 200 pints per day, 200 pints should be consumed in 24 hours.
In fact, 200 pints can be produced in a single day.

Ideal-Air Industrial Grade Humidifier 200 pint