iWALK Wireless Earbuds – FutureUniverseTV Presents A Waterproof And Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbud

iWALK Wireless Earbuds. FutureUniverseTV Presents A Waterproof And Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbud.

iWALK Wireless Earbuds
iWALK Wireless Earbuds

There is a sense of comfort associated with the design of these Amour Airbuds. It is evenly distributed, so wearing it for a long period of time will not be uncomfortable. The headphones maintain a stable position even when running or working out in the gym. As a result of this design, the big guys are also incorporating it into their products.

There are four pairs of replacement tips included in each set of Amour Airbuds, each of which is adjustable in size to fit different ear frames. This headset is designed with the body of the headset placed closer to the user’s mouth than previous “true wireless” models, thus improving the sound of the conversation, especially when users are traveling on the road or in crowded environments.

It has a higher quality plastic than its predecessor, which can hold a dress, and is small enough to fit into a pocket or clutch. It has a long battery life. With medium volume, the Amour Airbuds have 5 hours of battery life and 25 hours of charging time. Type C charging is a better option than Micro USB. It eliminates the need for users to search for Micro USB chargers when they are lost, which can be used to charge other devices. Additionally, although the price is relatively low,

The Amour Airbuds still feature wireless charging capabilities. The Amour Airbuds have a stable connection and are easy to operate. Unlike some headphones in the segment, you only have to remove the headphones from their box to activate Bluetooth pairing. Since the device is equipped with a stable Bluetooth 5.0 chip, there is no delay or noise from the F1 life.

The Amour Airbuds differ from traditional wireless headphones in that they are two independent headphones rather than one connected to the second main mechanism (the primary ear transmits signals to the secondary ear). Consequently, the connection will remain even if one ear is placed away from the other.

Using the touch surface on the Amour Airbuds, you can control all of their features, including active noise cancellation. To play or stop, simply touch once on each ear. To receive or end the call, simply touch once on each ear. Double tap the left side if you wish to go back; double tap the right side if you wish to go forward. You’ll get Google Assistant or Siri in 3 seconds.

There is a rather annoying beeping sound emanating from the headset. Nevertheless, the headset is capable of active noise reduction, eliminating 80% of external noise. When it is necessary to hear more clearly outside sounds without removing your headphones, Transperent audio technology captures the outside sounds and plays them in sync with the music you are listening to. It is possible to activate the entire process with a single touch.

The Amour Airbuds are waterproof to IPX6, making them suitable for use during sports and light rain. Good sound quality Graphene drivers deliver realistic, vibrant sound at high volumes with minimal distortion. Additionally, the Amour Airbuds have an overall “flattering” V-shape sound spectrum (the lower and upper bands are more prominent than the middle, in agreement with how the brain receives sound). In more detail, the bass range is strong, and the power of the strike is good.

As compared to the background music, the treble band is very clear and does not sound harsh, but the middle band appears to be a bit sunken. In general, the Amour Airbuds were able to play a variety of vibrant and popular songs due to their common reach segment. With headsets, you can enjoy clear, detailed sound, whether you’re watching movies or playing games.

Summary Of This Wireless Earbud Features

In addition to weighting only 3 grams, the charging case is pocket-sized and does not take up much space to carry. The charging box is about 33 grams. With its ergonomic design, the wireless earbuds securely fit your ears and will not fall off easily, especially when doing sports, workouts, or working out.

With its powerful 14.2mm drivers, the speaker produces a natural, balanced and accurate sound, and the high compliance diaphragm reproduces a rich bass range, enhancing the sound quality and reducing distortion.

Using One Step Pairing: After first connecting, the wireless ear buds will connect automatically when you remove them from the charging case, making pairing easier and more convenient.

In order to provide you with a more stable connection, lower latency and an unparalleled audio experience, this wireless earbud features Bluetooth 5.2 technology.

They have adopted new force touch sensors that achieve real-time detection of wearing status through the use of high-precision sensors. If you take them out of your ears, the music will be paused.

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