Japanese Companies Building Real Life Gundam Robots


Japanese Companies Building Real Life Gundam Robots

  1. Background of Kurata Robot

This is a giant transformer like Kurata robot that is 4 metres tall and weights 4 tons. It has a cockpit which can fit a person to control the robot. It has motion sensor technology and runs on diesel. I was thinking of the air ventilation. I believe to stay long in this robot, there has to be good air ventilation perhaps air conditioning. It has a machine gun that can fire 6000 BB Bullets a minute. It can also shoot out plastic bottles.  It runs at 10 km per hour on the road. It cost a whopping 1.3 million dollars.

1.1  My take on the future use of this robot

Real Life sized gundam can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used for escorting and protecting people, in space to defend colonies and space stations and so on. This form of robot has weaponary and is more militaristic in nature. However as stated by the creator it is for fun and entertainment purposes.

You can control it with a 3G connection and cell phone. For your information, it is created by Suidobashi Heavy Industry. 


2. Land Walker Robot Background Info

Ainother giant yellow and greyish robot is called land walker. It is 8.5 metres in height with weights 7 metric tons. The creator is a 44 year old engineer working for Sakakibara Kukai, a Japanese agricultural machine maker. However, it may be less flexible than the anime Gundam but I still it is kudos to the Creator of this robot who created this machine.

2.1 How does it work and its functions

To access the cockpit, you need to use a mechanical lift to lift yourself up. There are monitors and levers to control the robot’s arms and legs. Its right arm the shape of a bazooka is able to shoot sponge balls at a speed of 140 km per hour. This robot can be used for peacekeeping, escort and protection.

2.2 Purpose of Robot and a ride of your lifetime

The creator also states that his creations are merely for amusement. Renting the robots cost 100,000 Yen per hour. I suppose it is worth the ride. It would be fun and exciting to pilot a machine

3. The coming of Space Age

The space age is coming and you can see from the video below. Virgin Galactic goes to space.

3.1 Practical Use of Robots In Space

The space is age is definitely coming. The use of robots such as anime style Gundam robots will definitely have a demand. As I have said, these robots can be protectors of space construction and colonization of planets. There may be debris, space storms, alien attacks or space pirates (just a thought), therefore, there is a need for defence and protection of precious resources.

3.2 Using Robots For A Variety of Purposes On Earth and In Space

Robots can also be used for construction and agricultural purposes on Earth and In Space. You can even incorporate AI (artificial intelligence). But I still believe a pilot is necessary to control it for safety purposes.

I also think that computer anti virus and protection is necessary for such robots to safe to use. Imagine a hacker hacking into a military robot and taking control of them.

Now let’s side track a bit, the building of space stations, harbors and even structures on Earth would still need security. That is where these Gundams come in handy.

For the current creators, they have not reached the flexibility and speed yet. But I believe as technology advances, they will be greatly improved as budgets are approved for robotics with the space age catching up.

Japanese Companies Building Real Life Gundam Robots

Photo of Gundam Author – Yoshizumi Endo
Source – https://www.flickr.com/photos/yendo0206/5041788308
License – https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/  Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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