Jet Boat Adventure in New Zealand

Where Am I ?- Jet Boat Adventure in New Zealand. Can you tell from the photograph below where am I seated in the Jet Boat?

I can’t remember where I am seated but I always remember the fun and excitement on the jet boat. We screamed when the jet boat is speed near the cliffs and water splashed on us.

Jet Boat Adventure in New Zealand -Where am I

Jet boating in Queenstown is the best way to explore our wild rivers. Glide across the water, whiz around curves and shoot through narrow rocky gorges on a fast-paced Queenstown jet boat ride. Queenstown is home to the world’s first commercial jet boat tour.  Today, adrenaline-pumping jet boat tours vary from fast-paced whitewater rafting and wilderness tours to combo packages that combine jet boating with a wine tasting afterwards. Experience a new generation of jet boats on Lake Wakatipu. Hydro Attack’s semi-submersible sharks are another world first in Queenstown. Like a cross between a jet and a torpedo, they reach speeds of 80 km/h, diving below the surface and thrusting into the air. Choose your jet boat adventure below.

This half-hour ride full of thrills, fun and excitement will take you along a beautiful river lined with native bush, steep rock faces and hot water streams. Hold on tight as you ride in one of our state-of-the-art jet boats at an incredible 80 mph! Along the way, our signature 360-degree spins will have you smiling brightly and your heart pounding with adrenaline.