Learn Metaverse Technology – Chapter 7 – Investing In Metaverse Properties Guide

Learn Metaverse Technology – Chapter 7 – Investing In Metaverse Properties Guide

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How do metaverse properties work, and should we be concerned about purchasing any in the near future? What is the metaverse? The term metaverse was initially used in the science fiction novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson to describe a virtual world where humans use avatars to interact with each other. The metaverse could be used for socializing, shopping, gaining social status, etc.

Metaverses are virtual worlds that can be explored and inhabited using the latest technology such as virtual reality or augmented reality. Metaverses are in fact a multitude of virtual worlds. Some video games, such as Fortnite and Minecraft, have their own virtual universes that can be viewed as quasi- or full-fledged metaverses.

Facebook’s rebranding as Meta is a bet that the company will be able to create their metaverse and that mainstream society will accept it within the decade. In the event they succeed, we might find ourselves browsing business spaces with goggles on and viewing in 3D the children of former classmates we have not seen in ten years… the horror.

Are investors snapping up metaverse properties for a variety of reasons?  In the metaverse, investors hope there will be a boom in property as it develops. Like landlords in real life, they hope that these properties will bring them future profits, making them virtual tycoons or at the very least allowing them to resell their properties for a tidy sum.

Once you’ve spent cash on metaverse property, what can you do with it? Essentially, a metaverse is a digital realm like Second Life, where you can play games, explore, build, shop, and socialize with other avatars. Land lets you build a virtual home and do a lot of things that you’d do in a regular home, but virtually.

Your property can also be monetized by renting it out or eventually selling it for a higher price. In fairness, a lot of people aren’t currently searching for virtual rental properties, but that may change if the metaverse develops sufficiently. A metaverse property is purchased as a non-fungible token (NFT), which serves as a title deed for the property. On a blockchain, NFTs are unique units of data that represent your ownership rights to the virtual land. Currently, there is only one meta “real estate company.”

Metaverse Property claims to be the first virtual real estate company in the world that acquires and sells properties across multiple metaverses. The company also develops virtual land, facilitates rentals, and manages existing properties. However, just as there is no requirement to use a real estate agent when buying or selling property in the real world, you can skip Metaverse Property entirely by purchasing directly through OpenSea. Otherwise, buy from OpenSea OpenSea.io is the place where people go to buy and sell NFTs. These include NFTs for virtual properties. On OpenSea you can browse NFTs that are being sold or auctioned, or you can make an offer on NFTs that you are interested in if the seller decides to let them go.

Supports five major metaverses. The definition of the metaverse is still in flux. Many games, such as the children’s mobile game Roblox, have already been classified as metaverses. At present, there are several major metaverses where the property is being bought and sold, and all of them are supported by Metaverse Properties. These include Decentraland, The Sandbox, Somnium Space, Cryptovoxels, and Upland.

What is the cost of buying or renting a metaverse property? Metaverse property prices are determined by supply and demand, as well as by factors such as the circumstances of individual sellers, just like in the real world. A simple plot in Decentraland may cost approximately a few thousand dollars. As is the case with all things crypto related, property prices are subject to fluctuations. Below is a list of high profile metaverse property transactions: Transaction Price Fashion Street Estate, Decentraland (116 plot land parcels) 2.4 million USD (618, 000 MANA) Axie Infinity Genesis (1 plot) 2.23 million USD (550 WWFTH) Book Local, Decentraland 1.08 million USD (210,000 MANA)

What are the steps involved in purchasing a metaverse property? The first step in purchasing NFTs through OpenSea is to create a crypto wallet so that you can store your digital assets. Once you have signed up for an account with OpenSea, you need to pair your account with a compatible wallet (e.g., MetaMask, TrustWallet) and then transfer your metaverse tokens over. Please check withdrawal fees before making any transfers so you are aware of the most cost-effective amount. Is metaverse property worth purchasing or investing in?

It is anyone’s guess whether the metaverse will succeed, but Facebook certainly seems to think so. Those who invest in metaverse properties at this stage may find themselves sitting on a goldmine if it succeeds. I would not recommend plowing your life savings into metaverse property, as there is a high possibility that it will become worthless in the future. Additionally, it is important to determine which metaverse to invest in, as the value of your property will largely be determined by the popularity of the metaverse where it is located. You may want to consider buying a slice of a carefully selected metaverse if you have extra funds that you can afford to lose.

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