Linktrackr Affiliate Link Tracking Review

Linktrackr Affiliate Link Tracking Review

With LinkTrackr, you can build and manage your own link-building campaigns. Using the tool, you will be able to monitor backlinks from all the major search engines and social media sites, such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

LinkTrackr – Link Tracking Simplified With LinkTrackr, users are able to easily track their conversions. Regardless of whether they are ads, links, leads, or sales, all aspects of the sales funnel are tracked accurately. Additionally, LinkTrackr allows you to cloak and shorten your URLs. Purchasing through this link will earn us a commission at no additional cost to you.

LinkTrackr is a web-based tool, so you do not have to install WordPress or worry about your web hosting limitations. Check out my recommended web hosting service here. If your website server goes down while you are using a plugin, all of your links will also be unavailable! As your business grows, you will be able to scale up your plan if you want to send a large amount of traffic via a web-based tool like LinkTrackr. In addition to cloaking links, WordPress plugins can automatically convert keywords into links. On the other hand, you must manage all link creation, split-testing, and monitoring from the WordPress dashboard. The use of a web-based tool such as LinkTrackr is the best way to create and manage all of your links if you own multiple sites.

In this review, I will explain all the features of LinkTrackr and how you can easily cloak, manage, and track all your affiliate links. After testing a number of affiliate link cloaking tools over the past few years, I have decided to use LinkTrackr to cloak and manage all of my affiliate links.

Create campaigns to track and identify the source of your conversions by identifying what banner ads, solo emails, links on your website, and other marketing strategies work. With LinkTrackr, you won’t get duplicate conversions and you’ll know where your traffic comes from. LinkTrackr’s reports tell you how much revenue a conversion generates; how much profit it generates; your ROI and many other KPIs you want to know.

By identifying the most effective banner ads, solo email ads, links on your website, and other marketing strategies, you can create campaigns to track and identify the source of your conversions. LinkTrackr’s automatic conversion tracking system enables you to identify the most profitable traffic sources and avoid duplicate conversions. With LinkTrackr’s reports, you can find out how much revenue a conversion has generated, how much profit it generated, your return on investment, and many other key performance indicators.

LinkTrackr makes creating cloaked links very easy. Simply enter your link name, URL, and destination URL. Furthermore, you can arrange all your links within LinkTrackr in groups or categories, which makes it easier to search for your links, especially when you have hundreds of them.

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Linktrackr Affiliate Link Tracking Review