Luffa Egg Drop Soup Recipe

Luffa And White Fungus Cooked With Egg Drop Chicken Soup Recipe

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Welcome to my blog post on Luffa And White Fungus cooked with Chicken Soup recipe. Nutritious and Tasty, it is a joy to share with You my Friends.

The chicken soup for this dish  is prepared one night before, the fat is removed on the second day after refrigerated.
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The combination of crunchy white fungus, soft luffa flesh and the smooth egg drop, makes this soup very tasty, flavorful and healthy. They all taste smooth and delicious. Soup is sweet and tasty.

Recipe is below blog post but let me share with You some of the health benefits of luffa and white fungus below. (always check with Your doctor or specialist before consuming these foods)

Luffa : Its outer skin is green in color while the flesh is white and soft with seeds inside. Luffa is rich in vitamins and contains high fiber. Some of the health benefits are as follows :-
1. Improve immune system,
2. Anti-inflammatory,
3. Maintains bowel health,
4. Good for skin care.

White fungus  is a jelly-like, edible mushroom without flavor. It contains high fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals. Some of the health benefits are as follows :-
1. Prevent cancer and heart disease,
2. Reduce blood cholesterol,
3. Help to boost immune system,
4. Anti-aging,
5. Prevent iron deficiency,
6. It neutralizes the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.


Ingredients :



– 2 Luffa
– White fungus – 100 grams
– Chicken soup – 500ml (Pre-prepared one day before)
– Corn flour mixture ( 1 tbsp Corn flour mix 4 tbsp water)
– 1 Beaten egg
– Salt (to taste)
– White pepper powder

Simple Way of Preparation :

(1) Soak white fungus until it expands, rinse and trim the firm bottom part, divide them into small pieces.

(2) Remove the skin and seeds of the luffa, cut it into small pieces with bigger sizes.

Note : Luffa, unlike its outer skin, the flesh is soft inside. As it easily softens and shrinks when cooking, it is better to cut it into pieces with bigger size.

(3) Reheat the chicken soup. When it boils, add in white fungus, boil for 2  minutes, add in luffa, when the soup boils again, add in corn flour mixture, Keep on stirring under the soup thicken.

(4) Now, slowly stream  in beaten egg and constantly stir in one direction until the egg is cooked.  Add in salt to taste and white pepper powder, ready to serve.

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