Lumispa IO And Vera App | A Look At How They Improve Your Skin With AI and Apps

Lumispa IO And Vera App.

Lumispa IO And Vera App
Lumispa IO And Vera App

Enjoy a dual-action skin care experience that offers dramatic skin renewal and deep cleansing benefits in a single action with ageLOC® LumiSpa®. In just two minutes, you can achieve beautiful, luminous, glowing skin.

Nu Skin has never stopped innovating. In 2017, ageLOC LumiSpa® was launched and became one of the leading at-home beauty devices on the market. Nu Skin extends its innovation to the Internet of Things in 2022, bringing personalized skin care to a new level.

In 2022, we will leverage key learnings from our Western markets for the refinement of our product promotions cadence, the implementation of a new global pricing model, beginning with LumiSpa iO, and the training of our sales force around the world to embrace this new social commerce model. In the first quarter, Vera and Stella apps were introduced as part of our digital-first ecosystem. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Vera app guides consumers through their personalized beauty and wellness journeys. The Stella app allows brand affiliates to access key information and tools from their mobile devices to manage and grow their businesses.

As a result of LumiSpa IO, momentum has been shifted. As a result of strong performance in Taiwan, the Hong Kong and Taiwan revenue increased by 6% in constant currency. The Taiwan team has been successful in acquiring new customers through our Enjoy customer loyalty program, with an increase of 4% in customers for the Taiwan and Hong Kong segments. A live shopping broadcast event mitigated some of the impact of the COVID lockdown in Hong Kong during the quarter.

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