Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review | Self Empty And Mopping

Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review. This cleaner has self Empty And mopping function

Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

A multi-purpose robot vacuum such as the Lydsto R1 is an affordable sweeping and mopping machine with an excellent app and good cleaning capabilities. With a maximum suction power of 2700Pa, it is an impressive machine. It was difficult to charge the Lydsto R1 at first. When approaching its docking station, the robot vacuum would retreat rapidly several times before giving up.

When you manually push the Lydsto towards the docking station, it backs off and will not charge. It appeared that the robot vacuum was reluctant to approach its charging dock. The vacuum would not charge even when it was pushed directly onto the charging points. Essentially, one of the metal bumpers, which are located at the rear of the small 200ml dustbin, has been pushed into its housing. A metal bumper can be reseated by unscrewing the six retaining screws in the dustbin.

After that, the Lydsto R1 charged perfectly. This was an assembly error – so if it happens to you, you’ll know what to do. The dustbin design is exactly the same as the dustbin design on the Neabot NoMo Q11 robot vacuum when it is taken apart.

In spite of the fact that the tops of robot vacuums look different, there must be a few generic components. However, the auto-empty stations are very different. Although the on-board dustbin seems small, the auto-empty station holds 3 liters of dirt for several weeks. You just have to pull up the cardboard tab when you change the bags. It closes the dust bag so you don’t get spills from the full bag.

The Lydsto R1 app connects easily, and it has features like no-go, no-sweep, and no-mop zones. Rooms can be cleaned in order, and cleaning schedules can be set up. Since the first sweep of the R1 made it look like one room, instead of six, I had to divide the area into different cleaning zones.

Lydsto R1 has a side brush and a brush/rubber roller in the main body. Although long hairs and cotton get tangled around the roller, the robot sweeps well. To clean the roller efficiently, there’s a tool that slices through the hairs.

The cleaning tool has to be stored somewhere – it doesn’t fit on the robot or auto-empty station. It’s easy to stick it to the side of the auto-empty station with Blu Tack so it doesn’t get lost. The Lydsto R1 has LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) radar sensors that collect data about the robot for SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping).

LIDAR is another term for this type of sensing. There is a great deal of detail in the map produced by the R1. You may set specific areas for the R1 to clean in an orderly manner, as well as schedules, power modes, and the amount of water delivered when in mop mode. In addition to the mop module, there is a washable mop cloth included with the mopping module. The mop module clips onto the bottom of the combined dustbin/250ml water tank.

Once the mopping module is attached to the bottom of the water tank, a voice will confirm that the robot is in mopping mode. There are also 30 disposable mops provided by Lydsto, as well as seven spare auto-empty station bags. When the Lydsto R1 encounters carpet, it will stop delivering water to its mopping module and increase its suction as it vacuums the carpet. In the video, the robot vacuum zooms through a carpeted room, but the carpet remains dry. When the 5,200mAh battery runs low, the Lydsto R1 returns to its docking station for a charge. It will then return to the area it cleaned last, and resume cleaning.

On a single clean, you can get over two hours before the battery runs low enough that the Lydsto R1 must be docked. While using the Lydsto R1, I found it to be quiet, except when the auto-empty station was emptying the on-board dustbin. There is no doubt that the Lydsto R1 is an impressive machine, capable of sweeping floors quickly and efficiently.

The robot’s roller brush ate my phone charging cable a few times. Those maps are good, it always returns to the dock for charging, the voice instructions are clear, and it connects to the app seamlessly. With the app, you can customize a lot, and connecting is easy. Featuring an easy-to-use app and a variety of cleaning options, the Lydsto R1 is an affordable multi-function sweeping and mopping robot vacuum. Definitely worth a look.

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