Mee Goreng Recipe

Hi Friends, a light and flavorful dish to share with You. Its noodles fried with healthy ingredients like onions, potatoes, eggs and green vegetables. No salt or seasoning is added.

Onions and chilies bring out the fragrance and tasty flavor of this dish. The tomato sauce added gives sweet and appetizing taste. Eggs are important as they enhance the delicious flavor of this dish. Potatoes blend in well with the noodle.

This is an easy to cook dish as all the ingredients are cooked in the same wok. Check out the easy recipe steps below.


Ingredients :


– Wheat Noodle : 400 grams
– 2 potatoes : cut into cubes
– 2 Onion : slice into small pieces
– Green vegetable : cut into small sections
– Light soy sauce : 1 tbsp.
– 2 Red chilies : cut into small sections (optional)
– Chili paste : 1 tbsp. (amount as preferred)
– Tomato sauce : 3 tbsp.
– 4 eggs
– Cooking oil

Method of Cooking :

(1) Cut potatoes into cubes, cook through with boiling water, drain water and set aside.

(2) In wok, heat up 1 tbsp. of oil, stir fry onion and red chilies until fragrant, set aside in wok.


(3) Stir in green vegetable and quick stir fry the vegetable. Set aside together with onions and chilies.


(4) In the same wok, heat up 1 tbsp. of oil, stir in noodle, drizzle with light soy sauce, chili paste and tomato sauce, stir fry and mix all ingredients until the sauces are uniformly cover the noodle. Set aside with other ingredients in wok.


(5) Final step, heat up 1 tbsp. of oil in the same wok, scramble in the eggs, stir fry the eggs until fluffy and moist, mix all the ingredients evenly.


(6) A flavorful fried Mee Goreng is ready to savor.