Mee Rebus Recipe

Hi Friends, no words can express how I adore mee rebus. Using ready-made instant paste and sauces together with the combination of ingredients gives a delightful taste and aromatic fragrance makes me want to eat a second bowl.

Why I adore this dish and its Benefits

The paste is ready made so it is convenient, simple and easy to cook. It is also a light meal with under 500 calories per plate. All  You have to do is boil water and add in the paste garnish ingredients onto the noodles. More detailed instructions below. Add lime to it to enhance its flavor, its taste great with it.

The thick aromatic gravy of Instant Mee Rebus Paste is absolutely delicious and savory.




Wheat-Noodle-ingredient-for-Aromatic-and-Flavorful-Mee-Rebus-RecipeBean-Sprouts.-ingredient-for-Aromatic-and-flavorful-Mee-Rebus-RecipeLimes for-garnishing-Aromatic-and-Flavorful-Mee-Rebu-recipe

– Instant Mee Rebus paste : 1 packet (230 grams)
– Water : 800 ml
– Corn starch : 3 tbsp mixed with 150 ml of water (to thicken the gravy)
– Wheat Flour Noodles : 500 grams
– Bean sprouts
– Egg

Garnish with :
– Fried bean curd (cut into cubes)
– Fried shallots
– Green chili
– Lime