Meta Quest 2 Beat Saber – FutureUniverseTV Presents A Powerful And Enjoyable Gaming Experience

Meta Quest 2 Beat Saber. FutureUniverseTV Presents A Powerful And Enjoyable Gaming Experience.

Meta Quest 2 Beat Saber
Meta Quest 2 Beat Saber

My first game of choice is Beat Saber. The game captures the appeal of this technology so effectively and quickly, throwing color-coded boxes into your face and turning your controllers into mismatched, off-brand lightsabers that slice and dice them to the beat of pulsating electronic beats. Developing the skill to transform frantic flailing into precise swings is both satisfying and sweat-inducing.

In terms of VR games, Beat Saber does not push the technology too far. In order to play it, you need to stand still and face straight ahead with nothing behind you, so a room-scale setup is not necessary. Even the PlayStation VR’s basic one-camera tracking is sufficient. Despite the fact that the neon-rave graphics are simple but clear and easily readable, it looks nearly as good on the Oculus Quest as it does on the Vive Pro (with a few effects turned down). Despite the fact that these unlicensed lightsabers do not emit the signature whizzing sounds of Star Wars, I can’t help but feel disappointed at their lack of whizzing sound. However, the sound they do emit meshes well with the music they’re timed to, which creates a feeling of participation in the song.

Although I am not a big fan of electronic dance music in general, I found some of Beat Saber’s songs to be quite catchy. A few of the 19 included songs have gotten annoying no matter how often I have played through them, including Legend, $100 Bills, and Escape. Even so, it offers a somewhat limited selection of songs to choose from when compared to most rhythm games, and only the PC version (via Steam or the Oculus Store) supports importing custom songs and maps using mods or the level editor that was introduced with the 1.0 launch edition. As part of Beat Games’ commitment to provide as much original music as possible, some of which will be available for free and some as paid DLC, but it is currently the biggest limitation if you are playing on PlayStation VR or Oculus Quest. There is only one expansion option available, which contains another 10 tracks for $13.

Summary of Features and Benefits for Beat Saber Device

This accessory is specially designed for Quest 2 controllers and is a good replacement for Beat Saber, Supernatural, Fruit Ninja, and Gorilla Tag VR games, among others.

There are different modes available for the Quest 2 controller extension grips, depending on the VR game requirements. You can choose between 3-in-1, Double Stick Mode, Golf Club Mode, and Long Handle Mode.

With the controller and extension handle being fixed by screws, there is no need to worry about controllers accidentally flying out if the extension handle is shaken vigorously.

Comfortable Grip: The extension handle’s contact part with the palm is made of soft silicone. Soft silicone prevents odors, prevents slippage, and stabilizes the grip.

The product is easy to assemble and follows the instructions in the instruction manual before use. In spite of the fact that the handle is very sturdy, even if you shake it vigorously, you will not be concerned that the extended handle and controller will fall off.

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