Minoston mp22wd – Smart Dimmer Switch Review

Minoston mp22wd – Smart Dimmer Switch Review

Minoston mp22wd – Smart Dimmer Switch Review

Designed for landscape and seasonal lighting, the Minoston MP22WD smart outdoor plug features a 400W load. All dimmable lights can be controlled by your phone. It’s never been easier to schedule and create scenes. You can dim the lights from 1% to 100% to adjust the mood. Suitable for backyards, porches, balconies where parties are held. Your home devices can be controlled with voice commands.

I like it for giving me a remote control for a faraway plug. Style: Outdoor Plug with Remote Control – 1 PACK hello. Minoston Outdoor Remote Control Outlet worked great and worked instantly.

Review of Features and Benefits

  • By phone or voice commands, you can dim this outdoor dimmer plug from 0-100%.

  • The outdoor smart plug can be scheduled to turn on and off automatically. You’ll also save energy when your plugged-in appliances aren’t needed or are left on accidentally.

  • IP65 weatherproof housing for outdoor and indoor use. This is great for gardening, back yards, kitchens, bathrooms, porches, balconies, garages, basements, plus electric grills, sprinklers, washing machines, Christmas trees, fountains, lamps, pumps, and other outdoor or indoor appliances.

  • With this 400W dimming plug, you can dim string lights with LED and INC bulbs. Make sure your string lights are dimmable and under 400W. Max 150W for dimmable LEDs/CFLs, 400W for dimmable incandescents.

  • You can control your devices from your phone once you plug the smart plug into the wall outlet. Only Wi-Fi networks operating at 2.4GHz are allowed!

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