Newpowa Solar Panel Review – FutureUniverseTV Shares A Powerful Electricity Output Device

Newpowa Solar Panel Review. FutureUniverseTV Anthony Aries Shares A Powerful Electricity Output Device.

Newpowa Solar Panel Review
Newpowa Solar Panel Review

Specifically designed for mobile off-grid systems, such as RV arrays and boat backup systems, the Newpowa 200W 12V is a large, rigid, monocrystalline panel. Even if you do not have the space in your vehicle, you can pair it with a solar battery and take it along with you on your next car camping excursion.

With an output rating of 200 watts, this is one of the largest (power-wise) solar panels that I am aware of. I encourage you to get it outside and run a few tests with my trusty multimeter. However, if you are in the dead of winter, you will have to wait a couple of weeks for a crisp, cold day that is bright and sunny. It was blindingly bright when the sun finally peeked out, so we could place the panels and my testing equipment in the yard. The Newpowa panel should be angled so that the light strikes at a perpendicular angle, and then hooked up to my multimeter. I was not expecting a huge read, as the winter months tend to reduce cell efficiency quite a bit, but in direct, winter sunlight, it turned out to be very good.

The Newpowa panel generated an impressive 170 watts. I was quite pleased with the performance of my solar panels, since some panels do not perform well during the summer months. As well as the amazing monocrystalline cell construction, I imagine the cool weather contributed to increasing the wattage. Despite not having a chance to test it until later in the year, I am fairly confident that it will break the 175 watt threshold without breaking a sweat, possibly even higher. Although Newpowa does not provide an efficiency rating, I would estimate it to be between 20 and 30%.

It is compatible. Although the Newpowa 200W 12V is not flexible physically, it is certainly flexible figuratively. As it should fit into pretty much any existing solar array, if you are trying to increase your average yield, this is an excellent choice. It also supports most solar charging stations from the major manufacturers, but keep in mind that some pairings might require an adapter. When you use it with the EF Delta, you will not encounter any compatibility issues. It should be possible to link your solar panel to your solar battery so that you can enjoy free, green energy as long as the output of the panel does not exceed the input specifications of the battery.

A combination of design and durability. In addition to being fully weatherproof, it was also well crafted on the back of the panel. The panel has been designed to tolerate high wind pressure, heat, cold, snow load, and hail loads. This Newpowa panel will keep the lights on and the coffee pot on, regardless of what climate you find yourself in.

Even the junction box is rated IP65 water-resistant, so if this panel is properly mounted, you should never encounter any rain-related issues. Featuring an anodized aluminum frame that is ridiculously rugged, there is no need to worry about rust.

As a traditional design, the Newpowa 200W solar panel does not possess a great deal of features, but that does not mean it does not have a few tricks up its sleeve. This bad boy can be chained up to three times to generate a maximum theoretical output of 600 watts, which is nothing to sneeze at! As a result, if you are interested in doing so, you can create an entire mini-array using these panels exclusively for your RV, caravan, boat, or home. Besides this, the junction box includes pre-installed diodes in order to maintain efficiency in partial shaded conditions, as well as multi-lamination to protect against dust and debris.

It is the number of pre-drilled mounting holes in the anodized frame that I really appreciate about his panel. It gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to installation. You can install them on flat horizontal, vertical, or even pole mounts. However, at 27.56 lbs, it’s not the lightest panel in the world, and it’s quite large, so installation may prove challenging. If I were you, I would recruit a friend or two to help with the fit, especially if you’re attempting an elevated mount on, for example, a RV roof. It measures 64.57 x 26.57 x 1.38 inches.

In terms of the integrated MC4 cables, they are three feet long, but almost one foot of that length is used to extend beyond the panel frame, so realistically, there are about two feet available to you. This means you do not necessarily need to have them flush against your existing array, but if more give is required, solar extension cables can always be purchased.

The value for money is excellent. It is considered to be a great value since you are paying roughly one dollar per watt for this panel. There are some higher-end panels that are slightly more efficient than others, but you end up paying a ridiculous premium for what is ultimately a handful of watts. My recommendation is that you purchase a couple of these panels rather than one super-expensive, super-efficient panel if space permits. It will give you even more power and flexibility, and, let’s face it, two panels look way cooler than one.

A transferable power output warranty is offered by Newpowa. In other words, Newpowa guarantees that their panels will provide a certain level of power output for the first 25 years of use. You will be eligible for free repairs or replacements of the panels if the efficiency of the panels decreases at a faster rate than normal over time. As panel degradation can be difficult to measure and occurs over such a long period, customers are less likely to exercise their consumer rights and make a claim under this warranty.

This is the final verdict. In conclusion, I believe that the Newpowa 200W Monocrystalline 12V Solar Panel is a well-designed product. Even though it does not do anything particularly innovative, it does all the usual stuff perfectly well, and for this price point, that’s about all you can expect. Aside from the lack of a physical warranty, there’s very little to complain about, so I’d happily recommend it to anyone looking to start their high yield solar collection or upgrade their existing array.

Summary Of Features And Benefits

The new design features a smaller size, the same output, and a higher cell efficiency.

Dimensions: 35.83mmx26.57mmx1.18mm, high winds (2400PA), snow loads (5400PA).

There’s a maximum power (Pmax) of 100W, a maximum voltage of 17.0V, and a maximum current of 5.89A.

Pre-installed diodes and 3ft MC4 cables come with the junction box.

There’s a 25-year transferable power output warranty.

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