Olio One H1B-SKU-10 Smart Watch Review (24K Gold) | In-Depth Look At Benefits And Its Features

Olio One H1B-SKU-10 Smart Watch Review. It is a 24K Gold Watch. Let’s take a in-depth look at its benefits and features.

Olio One H1B-SKU-10 Smart Watch Review

Summary Of Features and Benefits
– The app syncs with iOS and Android devices to allow you to keep track of calls, texts, emails, calendar alerts, and more
– Olio Assist is a cloud-based personal assistant that offers intelligent suggestions based on your preferences and current context.
– Hand-winding mechanism
– The case diameter is 47 millimeters
– Generally, the product is water resistant to a depth of 50 meters (165 feet) and can be used for short periods of recreational swimming, but cannot be used for diving or snorkeling

A larger watch, the Olio Model 1, is reminiscent of what might happen if a lot of Android Wear enthusiasts decided to create the smartwatch they really wished for. However, the Olio runs proprietary software. According to an early estimate, the Olio Model 1 will have about 2 days of battery life (plus about two more days of standby time if needed).

Following a brief research on Olio, I was immediately excited based solely on the members of the Olio development team. Steven Jacobs, the Olio founder, has worked for Apple and Hewlett-Packard in their hardware development departments, and other members of the Olio team have worked for Box, Oracle, Amazon, NASA, Rise Robotics, Movado, and Pixar.