Ondeh Ondeh Recipe

Ondeh Ondeh RecipeĀ 

My Friends, this tasty dessert has sweet and fragrant coconut sugar filling with fragrant sweet potato outer skin. Rolled in with coconut flakes, You can savor layers of texture and fragrance for this dessert. To make it savory and tasty, the quantity of sweet potatoes is equal to glutinous flour. Its such a joy to share this wonderful yummy sweet potatoes balls with You.



Ingredients :
– 2 Sweet potatoes: (200 grams after steamed and mashed them)
– Glutinous rice flour : 200 grams
– Coconut sugar : 150 grams
– Coconut flakes : 200 grams
– Pandan leaves extract : 100 ml
– Few pieces of pandan leaves
– Water

Steps of cooking Ondeh Ondeh :
1 Steam sweet potatoes. After steaming, let it cool, remove the skin and mash the sweet potatoes.


2. Green color extract : Wash Pandan leaves, cut into small pieces, blend with 100 ml of water to extract its green color juice.


3. Coconut sugar syrup : Cook coconut sugar with 150 ml of water, add a few pieces of Pandan leaves.



4. Sweet potato glutinous dough : Mix mash sweet potatoes with glutinous flour, add in Pandan leaves extract, slowly add in water (about a cup) to form a dough.


5. Divide dough into equal portion of 15 balls, take a portion and form a cup shape. Half fill the cup with coconut sugar syrup. Gently seal the opening and roll it into ball shape.




Ondeh Ondeh (Sweet potato balls) ready to be boiled


6. Add sweet potato balls to boiling water. When the balls float on the surface of boiling water, they are cooked.


7. Ready coconut flakes in a container. Remove cooked sweet potato balls from water and immediately roll them into the coconut flakes.
Coconut Flakes


Ondeh Ondeh (Sweet Potato balls coated with coconut flakes)</strong>