Onion Chicken Soup Recipe

Onion Chicken Soup With Mixed Vegetables Recipe

Welcome to this healthy chicken soup recipe blog post that I like to share with you.

Why is it healthy?
– Excess fats are cleared,
– The ingredients used are veggies with the nutritious essence from chicken.

Chicken broth is prepared one night before, using slow cooker to cook the chicken bones. Procedures for cooking chicken broth, please refer to :

Healthy Chicken Soup Cooking Method and Vegetables Chicken Soup Recipes

This onion and  mix vegetable soup is very flavorful, sweet and tasty.

I have tried two ways of cooking the onion soup. Both have their different tasting experience.

For this particular recipe.  Once the broth boils, I added the carrot and potato first,  follow by corns and lastly the onions. This is the order of ingredients I added. For this recipe the onion is not translucent and is harder in texture.

Alternatively, once the broth boils, add in all the ingredients.  When it is done, the noticeable different are the onions has become translucent and soft. Potatoes and Carrots are softer too.

Picture of cooked soup below :



Picture of pre-prepare chicken broth :


– Chicken broth
– Onion
– Carrot
– Potato
– Sweet Corn
– Salt and Seasoning to taste
– White pepper powder

Cooking Method
(1) Cut the onion, carrot and potato into desired bite sizes.

(2) Heat up the pre-prepared chicken broth. When the broth boils, add in carrot and potato, boil for few minutes until they are cooked, then add in corn and onion, boil for 3 minutes, ready to serve.

(3) Add pepper, salt and seasoning to taste.