Orange Kiwi And Berries Fruits Salad

Fruits Salad : Orange, Kiwi, Blueberry and Strawberry

Hello my Friends, like to share with you this healthy bowl of delicious and juicy cut fruits salad.

This bowl of healthy, delicious and juicy fruits consists of Blueberry, Kiwi, Orange and Strawberry. Having this fruits is cooling and appetizing.
Below is the photo of beautiful, healthy, delicious and juicy fruits salad.

There are also some health benefits of these fruits after this photo.


Some Health Benefits Of the Fruits:

(1) Blueberry :
– Prevent cancer and heart disease,
– Boost immune system,
– Reduce blood pressure,
– Anti aging and fight wrinkles,
– Help to build healthy bone,

(2) Kiwi :
– Good source of dietary fiber
– Lower the risk of heart disease
– Reducing the risk of cancer, like colon cancer
– Boost immunity
– Help regulate blood sugar
– Help in digestions

(3) Orange :
– Reduce the rick of cancer,
– Improve appetite
– help digestion
– protects against infections etc.

(4) Strawberry :
– Lower the risk of cancer
– Promote heart health
– Boost immunity
– Promote bowel health
– Anti-aging
– Promote eyes health