What Is Blockchain Technology And How Does It Work?

What Is Blockchain Technology And How Does It Work?

What are blockchain technology and how does it work?  This is a technological advancement that has garnered a lot of attention in the last few years. The basic premise behind the technology is that the internet is a collection of diverse ledgers or ledges, each with a corresponding digital asset. Transactions can occur between these ledges. A ledger system is essentially a virtual ledger where all the information about a transaction is stored, no matter who performed the transaction or what digital asset was involved in the transaction.

The concept of this technology is very simple and the developers at Blockstream have applied it to several different applications. One application that uses this new technology is the Everex platform. Everex is used as a platform to implement decentralized application technologies on top of the ethernet network. What is needed for this to happen is that there is an underlying transaction layer which is based on the bitcoin protocol, plus a couple of additional layers to support decentralized applications. These layers are the Ephemeral Storage layer (which stores state information), the RLP layer (a smart contract programming language) and the Enterprise Layer, which facilitate business logic to run on top of the Everex network.

Another use of Everex is to run smart contracts on top of the network. An example of a smart contract is a dividend payment using the Ethereum Asset Exchange protocol. The platform is also useful as an off-line transaction processing interface for decentralized application development. It also supports real estate listings, social networking and gaming, financial district information and real estate exchange rates. Using this technology, a real estate company can connect to the Ethereum protocol through a smart contract so that the service provider will be paid a dividend based on the efficiency and growth rate of the investment.

The idea behind the decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform is that users will be able to easily create their own applications that are then stored on a public cloud. This ensures that no matter what happens, your application will always be up and running. Users will also have the ability to monetize their applications. Basically, this means you will be able to sell your tokens for a pre-determined price on the eToro network. The sale of the tokens will take place during a fundraiser in which contributors will purchase tokens from interested users by paying a certain percentage of the total amount of money being raised.

As you can see, there are several reasons why you would want to use the Ethereum network for decentralized applications. The first reason is that there is a lot of computation power because of the ether. In order for users to be able to run these programs, they must have access to a computer with an Ethernet port and they must be connected to the Internet. Since there are so many computers around the world already connected to the Ethernet wire, the possibility of people connecting to the block chain is very low. Because of this, the need for electricity to run the computation tools of these decentralized applications is almost non-existent.

The second reason comes from the use of the Genesis Protocol which is built into the software of the Ethereum network. This enables users to create their very own applications and run them on the network without having to wait for someone else to finish building them first. The Genesis Protocol also gives users the power to remove their account from the network at any given time. While all of this is going on, anyone who is participating in the transaction will be able to see the activities of the miner that is currently working on the transaction.

One more reason to use the Ethereum network is because of the Lightning Network. The Lightning Network is a solution to scalability problems within the block size of the ledger, which has been a problem for some time. In order for someone to get into the business of making transactions using the Lightning Network, they must ensure that they are on an untrusted network. The problem with the Untrusted Network is that it is possible for someone to steal your transaction information. The Ethereum team has taken this security issue very seriously and have developed a solution known as the Mist Protocol to solve this issue.

By using these three features of the Ethereum network, anyone who wants to participate in the transaction should be able to do so safely and without risking the value of their ether. By making everyone equal with each other, the Ethereum developers are ensuring that the value of the token is not being affected by the whims of one person or one company controlling the network. This also prevents the network from becoming vulnerable to outside influences which could cause corruption of the ledger and render the transactions useless. The combination of these features make the future of the network known and something that is well worth waiting for.

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Youtube Keyword Research Online Free With Examples Part 1 – Google Trends and VidIQ

Hi Friends, A Warm welcome to you for YouTube Research Online Free With Examples Blog post. I am going to go through 3 practical examples for part 1 of this blog post.

Example 1 – Weight Loss Niche
“celebrating my 1 pound weight loss”
“weight loss exercises at home for men”
“weight loss exercises at home for women”

There are a few steps to do for this particular example
1. Go to https://trends.google.com
2. Type in your keyword.
3. Filter Worldwide and YouTube Search.
4. There will be related search queries at the bottom for you to pick for the title and description of your YouTube video.

Installing VidIQ a free chrome extension
In this tutorial we also talk about installing VidIQ chrome extension. Just type in chrome extension in google search. Click on the search result that shows google chrome. Type in VidIQ in the search box and install the chrome extension in your browser. Before that you also need to create an account with VidIQ at their website https://vidiq.com

Checking your keyword competition in YouTube itself

You can go to Youtube and type in your keyword with double quotes around it to see if there are a lot search results competing for this keyword. If there is not a lot search results, then it is easy to rank for this keyword.

VidIQ statistics show you big data analysis of whether it is easy to rank for the keywords.

With VidIQ, when you type the keyword in the search box of YouTube it will show you the competition level and search volume. For this particular keyword the competition level is high or very high but there is good search volume.

Secondly, you can click on each individual video especially the top ranking video for the keyword and check out whether it has facebook shares, twitter tweets., reddit upvotes and whether they use the keyword in the tags. If they are lacking in these areas, you still have a good chance to rank for the keywords.

Summary for weight loss niche keywords

Competition Level is High but there are searches for the keywords. It may be easy to rank in the first pages of YouTube because not all the search results are using the exact keyword for their titles.

Example 2 – Facebook Marketing

The Keyword that is selected and recommend is “How to do facebook marketing”. Watch the video below for a deep analysis of the keyword and on its ease of ranking.

Summary Analysis of Keyword

The search volume is 67 and there is low competition. From the VidIQ analysis, it is easy to rank for the keyword “how to do facebook marketing”. You can also do a double quotes on the keyword at YouTube to check if there a lot of search results. If there are not many search results, you are likely to outrank the other search results.

There is also another factor to consider that the search results do not use this keyword for their title or description. This makes it also easier for you to outrank them

But one additional point to note is that if your content is high quality and it adds value to people watching them, they are likely to share your content to their family and friends. Then you will have passive views and passive income. The views will start coming it as people keep sharing your YouTube video.

Example 3 – Singapore Bungalow House Design

For this example we are covering a local SEO Keyword. It can be USA, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesian or a local place like Altanta, Quebec and so on. You can dig deeper in to the keywords. You can watch the example below for a clear picture of how it easy is it to rank for this keyword.

Summary Analysis Of Keyword

For this Keyword, it has a good search volume of 67 and low competition, it is also a great keyword to target for people who are interior designers or people who build houses and bungalows for people. It is a very niche keyword and is unlikely to have huge competition.

Analyzing the video that is the first video reveals that it has 6 facebook likes and no tweets. If  you have a active facebook and twitter account it is a good keyword to target. If you have reddit, it is even better. There is a singapore reddit that you can try posting in. You can also post your video on pinterest and other social media platforms like linkedin.

It is relatively easy to outrank the first search result. You can do more deeper analysis on the next top 2 and 3 search results to get a better feel of the competitiveness of the keyword.

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Search Engine Optimization Tips – SEO Tips 2020

Welcome you to learn 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips that are critical to your Google Ranking. These are definitely SEO Tips 2020 updated and eternal principles to allow your site to rank to the top places in Google

Tip 1 – Research Your Keyword In Google Trends. Filter Worldwide, Webpage if you decide to target Google Search Engine,Or YouTube Search if you decide to rank YouTube Videos.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Tip 2 – Determine the competition of your keyword with https://www.seoreviewtools.com/valuable-backlinks-checker 

Type in the webpage of the first website that ranks for the particular  keyword you are trying to rank for.

Tip 3 – Use the Moz Bar (A Google Chrome Plugin) After installing it and login into the plugin with a Moz account, go to the Google Search Results. It shows the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) which are ranking factors and authority of the website and blog post itself.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

When you are attempting to do search engine optimization., always remember to write meaningful and useful content that people will like and share to social media. Learn to inspire people through your writing.

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Cute adorable kitten in basket

Some random thoughts

Oh my this kitten is so cute 🙂 Always treasure your cat or kitten. They may sometimes be proud or they may be friendly. It depends on their mood and nature. But it seems that if you are close to your kitten or cat and they warm up with you. You tend to have a close bond and friendly relationship with your pet. 

I usually notice my neighbor’s cat to be staring and weary of me. I wonder why. It seems they are more afraid of outsiders who are not from their home.

However, some wild kittens would meow at me and as a courtesy I meow back to them. It seems that wild kittens are more friendlier and approachable.

I use to pat my neighbor’s cat and it likes me a lot whenever I pass by its home, I get to see it. I never got to know it’s name but it seems that I formed a nice and loving bond with it. Till this day, I miss the cat as it has passed away. I never got to see the cat one day and I always miss it.

Share my story to your family and friends, maybe they have the similar experience. It would be relatable to them.

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