Pineapple Rice Recipe

Pineapple Paste Fried Rice Recipe

This pineapple fried rice is cooked with ready-made pineapple rice paste.
The aromatic of the paste are coated and infused into rice grain.
No seasoning is needed for cooking with Pineapple Rice Paste.
Adding pineapple cubes to pineapple rice make my meals more savory and enjoyable.


Recipe of Pineapple Rice with Prawns (3-4 Servings)

Ingredients :


– 1 packet of Pineapple Rice Paste :100 grams
– Cold Cooked rice : 300 grams
– Small Prawns (diced) and Big prawns (optional )
– Cooking oil – Onion (diced)
– Mixed vegetables (100 grams)
– Diced pineapple (canned)

Simple Steps :
(1) Heat up oil in pan, fry diced prawn until cooked, set aside.

(2) Sauté Pineapple Rice Paste and Onion in hot oil, then add rice, stir fry and mix well.

(3) Add in cooked prawns, mixed vegetables and pineapple cubes. Fry and mix all ingredients until it absorbs the Pineapple Rice Paste and is uniformly coated into rice grain. Garnish with parsley and ready to serve.

(4) For big prawns (optional), just simply fry over pan with oil until cooked and tender.