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Playstation 5 Console Review. Playstation 5 For Sale

Playstation 5 Console Review

In the past year and a half, Sony’s PS5 has evolved into a very fine gaming console.

While its design is polarizing, the amount of storage available isn’t large considering the large size of games today. It is still difficult to locate a PS5 restock.

In terms of haptics from the DualSense controller, immersive 3D audio, and the ability to upgrade the expansion slot, the PS5 has transitioned into a true next-generation console.

Therefore, the PS5 is at the forefront of setting the stage for the games to come over the next year and beyond. To find out more about the PS5, please read on.

Review of the PlayStation 5: Price and availability
PS5 was launched in the United States on November 12, and in the United Kingdom and most other countries on November 19. The standard PS5, which includes a 4K Blu-ray drive, costs $499, while the PS5 Digital Edition costs $399, if you do not mind going discless.

Featuring an AMD Zen 2 processor, 10.3 teraflops of graphics power, and a ridiculously fast custom SSD, the PlayStation 5 is one of the fastest consoles ever made. Although I have only played a handful of titles designed to take advantage of the PS5’s power, I am already impressed by what Sony’s console can achieve in terms of fidelity, frame rate, and, most importantly, loading time.

It should not come as a surprise that games look great on Sony’s new console. I gawked at the gorgeous reds and purples of Spider-Man and his enemies bursting off the screen in 4K, as Spider-Man: Miles Morales appeared more like a high-end PC game than a PlayStation title. The ray-tracing capabilities of the console enabled Manhattan’s skyscrapers to reflect off one another realistically, and Times Square’s puddles looked lifelike.

Miles Morales for PS5 has a Performance mode that disables effects such as ray tracing and uses upscaled 4K to achieve a higher framerate. With this mode, I was able to enjoy 60 frames per second while observing beautiful visuals, which is different from previous-generation consoles. Due to this, it was extremely difficult to return to the PS4 version of Miles Morales, which frequently chugged below 30 frames per second.

Fortunately, Sony has confirmed that variable refresh rate support (VRR) will be available for the PlayStation 5 sometime in 2022.

In spite of Sony’s PS5’s ray-traced visuals and 60 frames per second performance modes, it is its lightning-fast SSD which truly makes the console feel like a next generation device. The time between selecting the title from your home screen and being on the street, fighting bad guys, is very short in a game such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

When switching between the main hub area of Astro’s Playroom and its numerous vibrant levels, there is no loading screen. Additionally, the PS5’s blazing SSD allows you to skip to particular parts of a game via the Activities menu, and upcoming titles such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart appear to make innovative use of this capability. We will have to wait and see how more titles perform using the SSD, but it already feels like one of the most significant advancements in console gaming in quite some time.

The PS5 interface is clean, attractive, and snappy compared to the PS4 software. Thus, switching between games and navigating menus is instantaneous, so much so that the PS4 menu now appears sluggish and cluttered by comparison. While there are some features that I would like to see added to the PS5 interface, there are also some exciting new ways to access what you’re playing even more quickly. The PS5 has a number of hidden features that you should explore.

PS4 owners will recognize the home screen, which features a horizontal row of tiles that display your most recent games. When you highlight a game, its art will take over the entire home screen while its music plays in the background, which is a nice aesthetic feature. There is a handy Explore tab that shows news and updates, as well as a Game Library tab that allows me to download my collection of PS4 titles instantly. With a quick tap of the Create button, you can capture videos and screenshots on the PS5 or stream them to YouTube or Twitch.

Overall, I like the PS5 software, but I wish you could organize your games into folders, as there is on PS4. Although it is cool to see the background change according to the game you are playing, I am surprised that there is no option to set custom wallpapers instead. You can give your PS5 a retro look by converting the logo into the iconic red, yellow, green and blue logo found on earlier models.

Long-time PlayStation 4 users will need to shake some muscle memory, as tapping the PlayStation button now brings up a control center where you can switch apps, view your friends, check notifications, check the battery life of your controller, and more.

The control center can be customized to provide quick access to features such as network settings, accessibility options, and broadcast controls. A big improvement over the PS4’s quick menu, which took up a much larger portion of the screen and was not as responsive or customizable.

While snappy and clean software is great, the PS5 interface comes alive when you begin to play a game. During the course of playing a PlayStation 5 game, tapping the PlayStation button brings up the Activities menu, which displays information such as the progress of your mission, the trophies you can obtain, or a list of in-game activities you can engage in.

By using the Activities menu in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, I was able to access a series of side missions and challenges without having to search for them in-game. This saved me time that I would otherwise have to spend swinging around Manhattan. Alternatively, you can access the Activities menu right from the Game Library, which allows you to jump right into a specific level in Astro’s Playroom without having to navigate through any menus.

Being a person with a limited amount of free time, the ability to jump to a specific section of a game at a system level is not just appreciated – it is downright revolutionary. Even though it may seem like a minor concession, the Activities menu has the potential to transform the way we play games, and I am eager to see how developers utilize it in the years to come.

On a software level, my biggest complaint with the PS5 is that, unlike the Xbox Series X and S, Sony’s console does not appear to be capable of suspending multiple games at the same time. Unlike the Quick Resume feature on Xbox, which allows you to seamlessly switch between half a dozen games, the PS5 requires you to start each game from scratch.

The console does not notify you when your existing game will be closed in favor of a new one, which may result in the loss of unsaved progress. It’s unfortunate that Sony’s PS5 doesn’t have an answer to one of the most convenient features of the Series X, despite the PS5’s fast load times.

In February 2022, users will be able to test the new PS5 beta software, which should improve chat, navigation, and voice command functionality.

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