Pork Rib Soup Recipe

I often cook pork rib soup with a method that I like to share with You.
This method is used to remove fats from the pork ribs after cooking and refrigerated.  The pork ribs soup is very clear without fats.


I also use chicken bones. You can check out another recipe using chicken bones for the soup. Its basically the same cooking method and they all taste unique.

Healthy Chicken Soup Cooking Method and Vegetables Chicken Soup Recipes

The steps for cooking pork ribs soup are as follows :

Pork Ribs : 400 grams


(1) Add 800 ml of water to 400 grams of pork ribs into slow cooker. Cook “high” for 3-4 hours.


(2) When finish cooking, let it cools. Tightly cover pot or seal with plastic cling wrap and put in the refrigerator for overnight.


(3) The next day, a thick layer of fats form on top of pork rib soup.


(4) Remove fats from the soup.


(5) After fats are removed, heat up the soup. When the soup boils, add in your favorite type of vegetable.