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Features Of Product

  • You can monitor your blood pressure at all times with the Generation Guard Clinical Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. Blood pressure, heart rate, and systolic and diastolic readings are all on there.

  • ADVANCED MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY – This blood pressure monitor uses advanced measuring technology to give you the most accurate reading possible. It just tells you if your blood pressure is higher or lower than normal. It’s important because high blood pressure medication relies quite heavily on accuracy of readings.

  • Your Generation Guard Clinical Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor has a heartbeat detector and hypertension indicator. Its Hypertension Indicator shows if the reading is higher than international guidelines for normal home blood pressure. Also, the Heartbeat Detector lets you know if your heartbeat is irregular while you’re taking your blood pressure.

  • MEMORY RECALL – You can store up to 90 previous readings in the memory recall feature. It’ll help you figure out how often your blood pressure fluctuates from normal to unusual.

  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – On top of all those amazing features, Generation Guard’s legacy has only been built on integrity, and the company’s most trusted clinical products are going to market. The device is very easy to use and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Portable BP Monitor For Sale
Portable BP Monitor For Sale

Some Tips And Tricks On Managing Your Portable BP Monitor and understanding your blood pressure readings

How is blood pressure measured, and when does it become high? At rest and on different days, your blood pressure is always measured. Even if only one of the two is high – either the systolic or the diastolic – you have high blood pressure.

Hypertension is a medical term for high blood pressure. When you take your blood pressure for the first time, you’ll want to measure the blood pressure in both arms, because sometimes it’s high on only one side. Blood pressure is considered normal if it’s 140 mmHg systolic and 90 mmHg diastolic.

When assessing blood pressure, the higher values are always used. Once that’s done, you just measure the blood pressure in the arm that’s higher. If the systolic value is over 140 mmHg, the diastolic value is over 90 mmHg, or both are higher than these readings, it’s high blood pressure. High blood pressure itself usually goes unnoticed. When it is extremely high, it may result in symptoms such as dizziness and difficulty seeing.

The risk of cardiovascular problems associated with high blood pressure is increased over the long term, including heart attacks, strokes, and heart and kidney failure. It’s important to get your blood pressure checked regularly if you think you have high blood pressure. You can lower your blood pressure if it’s too high a lot and decrease your risk of long-term health consequences if you keep getting them. Normal and high blood pressure readingsView in own window Normal blood pressure systolic under 140 mmHg and diastolic under 90 mmHg High blood pressure systolic over 140 mmHg and/or diastolic over 90 mmHg.

What’s the best way to use a blood pressure monitor? Blood pressure monitoring might be recommended if you have high blood pressure. Checking your blood pressure can help you figure out if you’re on track to reach your health goals, when to call your doctor, and more.

Can you tell me what a normal blood pressure range is? According to the American Heart Association, adults should have a systolic reading less than 120 and a diastolic reading less than 80. Find out where you fall on the normal blood pressure scale and what it means for your overall health.

Is it possible to get a false reading from a home blood pressure monitor? Home blood pressure monitors can give false or inaccurate readings, often because of user error. In general, wrist blood pressure monitors aren’t as accurate as upper arm monitors. Use an upper arm cuff and follow the product instructions carefully if you’re going to measure your blood pressure at home. Is there a good blood pressure monitor? It’s all about feeling comfortable and confident using the blood pressure monitor. Make sure it’s medically validated, has a comfortable upper arm cuff and makes it easy to record and track your daily readings.