Portable Yurt For Sale – Danchel Yurt Tent Review

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Features and Benefits Of This Tent

  • THE WATERPROOF TENT is suitable for 2022 NEW GREEN bell tents. It is simply a matter of laying it down prior to setting up your tent. Please ensure that the door of your tent is aligned with the door side of the tarp. The longest side of the tarp should align with the side of the tent door.
  • The polyethylene fabric is made from rip-stop 120 grams per square meter. A rip-stop fabric with a polyethylene laminate on both sides provides exceptional strength, flexibility, quick-drying, and waterproof performance. There are rust-resistant grommets along the outer edge of the tarp that allow the tarp to be firmly tied down.
  • With our durable ground tarp, you will be able to keep the bottom of your yurt tent extra clean and dry during setup. Additionally, the footprint provides additional protection to your bell.

The picture below show how a assembled Yurt looks like.

Portable Yurt For Sale
Portable Yurt For Sale

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Can Yurts be transported? Many people inquire about the portability of our yurts during the research stage of their yurt purchase. In short, the answer to this question is ‘yes’; however, I like to provide you our customers with a little more information when we answer. Yurts can be permanently erected due to their durability, state-of-the-art materials and ability to anchor to a circular platform. Despite being technically “portable” and able to be erected and dismantled repeatedly, they are designed to be used like a pop-up tent for camping purposes.

You should consider whether you intend to relocate to a new location in the future when considering the purchase of a yurt. In this case, it may be advantageous to build one platform so that it can be easily dismantled and rebuilt at the new location.

Nomads used portable yurts, weren’t they? The yurt has historically been a portable structure that is placed directly on the ground. The nomadic families of Central Asia used to move regularly from their yurts (or Mongolian Gers) a few thousand years ago. A yurt would be dismantled and its parts packed up to be transported on pack animals to a new location when it was time to relocate for winter or to follow food sources.

A number of today’s yurts were inspired by these traditional yurts and are fashioned after them, but they feature more modern floor plans, amenities, and features. Modern yurts maintain many of the simple structural elements of traditional yurts, allowing them to be assembled in a relatively short period of time by a small group of people. However, they are mounted on a circular platform that secures them to the site and provides a seal around their perimeter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yurt Setup and Dismantling. Are you going to need the assistance of a professional? It is most common for yurt owners to install their own structures. In addition, you may choose to hire a contractor or carpenter to construct the platform and assist with the assembly of the yurt. Yurts include a step-by-step installation manual that our customers enjoy, and we are also available to answer any questions regarding the installation process.

Is there anything I need to bring? For small yurts and for larger yurts, it is helpful to have at least two to three adults present during the initial erection and when the yurt is moved. The tools required for assembly will vary based on the size and optional features selected, but the basics include a step ladder, drill, measuring tape, and pocket knife.

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