Prawn Soup Noodles Recipe

Prawn Noodles With Soup And Sambal Sauce Recipe

Dear friends, like to introduce two flavorful and delicious prawn noodle recipes.

First dish is the prawn noodles with soup. The soup is sweet and flavorsome as it is boiled with prawn shells and pork ribs. The noodles absorbs the sweetness and flavor of the soup. This dish is a delight to savor.

Second dish is prawn noodles with chili sauce that has the fragrance of sambal that is added to it. Together with the delicious prawns and pork ribs, itโ€™s a savory dish with spiciness and fragrance.

Prawn Soup Noodle :


Sambal Chili Prawn Noodle :


Ingredients : (4 servings)
– Prawn heads and shells for soup base : 600 grams
– Water : 2.5 litre
– Medium size prawns (Size and quantity as desired)
– Pork ribs : 600 grams
– Ready made fish cake : thin slices
– Kangkong vegetable
– Wheat flour noodles
– Bean sprouts
– Dark soy sauce
– Salt and seasoning to taste
– Light soy sauce (for sambal chili prawn noodle)

For garnishing :
– Fried shallots
– Parsley
– White pepper
– Chili

Method of cooking:
1. Cooking Soup : Add 2.5 litre of water to 600 grams of prawn heads and shells (or water to cover the prawn heads and shells), with high heat, boil for 15 minutes.


(2) Remove and discard prawn shells. Heat up the soup again, add prawns into the soup and cook them. When the prawns are cooked, lower the heat to minimum, drain soup from prawns and set aside.


(3) Heat up soup again, add pork ribs to the prawn soup, boil pork ribs until they are cooked, lower heat, drain soup from pork ribs and set aside.


(4) Add in 1 tsp of dark soy sauce, some salt and seasoning to taste. This flavorful, sweet and tasty soup is now ready to enjoy with noodles.


(5) Boil water to cook noodles, kang kong vegetables and bean sprouts.

(6) To savor a bowl of sweet and tasty prawn soup noodle, put the cooked ingredients in a bowl, add in hot soup, add pepper powder, garnish with shallots, parsley and chili.


(7) For sambal chili prawn noodle, add 1/2 tsp of light soy sauce and sambal chili to the noodle, mix well before adding in other ingredients. You can enjoy the noodle with a bowl of flavorful and tasty soup.


Happy Cooking and hope You enjoy these 2 dishes ๐Ÿ™‚