Relationship Rescue Workbook: Transform Yourself To Have Long Lasting, Loving and Affectionate Relationships with Actionable And Practical Steps Kindle Edition

Want to save your relationship by reading Relationship Rescue Workbook. There are practical tips and tricks to saving your relationship. Transforming yourself to having long lasting, loving and affectionate relationships. Learn how to communicate by listening and accepting your loved ones, colleagues, school mates, teachers and friends.

There are actionable steps you can take as shared in this book that can transform your relationships to be more loving, understanding and you will embrace others with love and affection like never before.

Inside you will discover
1) How Listening To Each Other Builds Loving Bonds
2) Asking the Right Questions
3) Gestures of Love to Rekindle Your Love
4) Sharing Joy Builds Strong Foundations of Love
5) Turn Arguments to Productive Conversations
6) Giving and Accepting Love
7) And More…