Roast Spices Veggies Recipe

Fragrant Roast Spices Veggies Recipe

Hello friends, introduce to You this veggies salad with varieties of spices fragrance. Its flavorful taste and fragrant aroma makes it an appetizing dish.
Beside its delicious flavor, it packs with lots of healthy nutrients. This healthy treat is one of my salad dishes that I am delighted to share with You.


Ingredients :
– Broccoli (cut into florets)
– Cauliflower (cut into florets)
– Cherry Tomatoes
– Olive oil
– Salt

Spices used :
– Coriander powder : 2 tbsp.
– Korma powder : 1 tbsp.
– Turmeric powder : 1 tsp.
– Cumin powder : 1 tsp.

Method :

(1) Scald broccoli and cauliflower florets in hot water for about 1 minute, drain water, set aside in a baking dish.

(2) Add cherry tomatoes to the scalded veggies. then add in all the spices, salt and olive oil. mix all ingredients until veggies evenly coated with spices.


(3) Roast in oven at 200ÂșC for 25 minutes or until preferred browning.

Note : Cooking time vary with size and texture of veggies and also the type of cooking device used.