Salmon Salad Platter (Yu Sheng)

Salmon Salad Platter (Yu Sheng)

Hi Friends, Like to share with You this Salmon Salad Platter also known as Chinese New Year Yu Sheng Platter. However, You can always add any seafood or ingredients as You like.

1) Bought this ready-made beautiful and delicious Salmon Salad Platter.


This platter included following ingredients :
* Green and orange Carrot strips
* White Radish Strips
* Fresh Salmon slices
* Ground Nut and Sesame Seeds
* Crispy crackers (in packet)
* White pepper (in packet)
* Five herbs powder (in packet)
* Plum Sauce
* Lime

Note: The foods in containers are :
* Pickled ginger strips (red and yellow)
* Pickled carrot strips  (green and yellow)
* Pickled garlic (white)
* Sweet orange peel flakes

2) Ingredients are laid Out in Preparation to mix them :


3) Delicious and flavorful Salmon Salad Platter (Chinese New Year Yu Sheng Platter)

Chopsticks are used to mix and lift the foods as high as possible to signify Prosperity to greater heights. At the same time, New Year Wishes and Blessings are uttered.