Salmon with Cherry Tomatoes Recipe

Fried Salmon with Cherry Tomatoes Recipe

Hey Friends, like to share with you fried salmon with sweet baby cherry tomatoes recipe. I like the natural taste of salmon and its one of my favorite fish I like to savor.

I sprinkled some minced garlic and parsley to enhance the savory taste of salmon. Together with fried sweet juicy tomatoes, they complement the main salmon dish with fresh taste.

The ingredients used in this recipe are all healthy including the extra virgin olive oil used.

Benefits of This Dish’s Ingredients.

Extra virgin olive oil and salmon both have omega 3 fatty acids that benefit your body. Garlic also lowers bad cholesterol which is LDL similar to omega 3 fatty acids. The fatty acids also increase good cholesterol as well. Tomatoes are good for heart health. And fried tomatoes release more nutrients as compared to fresh ones. There are many more benefits.


Ingredients :
Salmon steak
Red honey cherry tomatoes
Minced garlic
Extra Virgin Olive oil
Salt (to taste)
Black Pepper
Parsley flakes

Simple Cooking :

(1) Marinate salmon steak with salt, black pepper for half an hour.

(2) Heat up pan with a table spoon of extra virgin olive oil, add in salmon steak, tomatoes and minced garlic. Fry both sides of salmon steak till golden brown.


(3) Sprinkle some more minced garlic and parsley flakes before serving.