Salmon With Teriyaki Sauce Recipe

Healthy Grilled Salmon Steak with Teriyaki Sauce and Chili Flakes Recipe

Share with you easy to cook, flavorsome and healthy grilled salmon steak with teriyaki sauce and chili flakes Recipe. Hope You like it my friends

This is a brief introduction on Benefits of Ingredients
– Salmon is grilled with extra virgin olive which both have healthy omega 3      fatty acids  that lower bad cholesterol.
– Chili also lower bad cholesterol.
– Lemons benefits the liver.
– carrots benefits eye and skin etc..
– Cabbage helps prevent cancer.

Note: There are more health benefits of ingredients besides the ones listed here.

The delicious taste of this dish
As you chew salmon, the fragrance of teriyaki sauce fills your mouth and the tenderness of salmon is a delight. You can have a choice to squeeze lemon juice onto fish or veggies making them even more flavorful. The Carrots, purple and green cabbage makes this dish healthy and appetizing at the same time.

Picture Of Salmon Dish


Ingredients :
– Salmon steak
– Teriyaki Sauce
– Chili flakes
– Parsley flakes
– Black pepper
– Extra Virgin Olive oil
– Lemon
– Salt

Vegetable ingredients  :
– Sugar cabbages (cut into strips)
– Purple cabbage (cut into strips)
– Carrot (cut into strips)

Simple Cooking Method :

(1) On baking dish place aluminum foil. Marinate salmon steak with olive oil, Teriyaki sauce, chili flakes, parsley flakes and black pepper. Set aside for half an hour.


(2) Cover with aluminum foil, oven grill at 250ºC for 10 minutes. Unfold the  aluminum foil and  grill for another 5 minutes or until desired browning.

(3) Cut all vegetables into strips, set aside on a plate, sprinkle some salt and olive oil, mix them evenly.

(4) Place salmon steak onto the vegetables strips. Squeeze few drops of lemon juice onto salmon and veggies.

Enjoy this healthy, tasty and flavorful oven grilled salmon dish. Hope you like this dish and enjoy cooking Friends 🙂