Sambal Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

Hello Friends, delighted to share with You yummy and flavorful grilled chicken drumsticks cooked with my home-made Sambal sauce.
Before cooking the chicken drumsticks in sambal sauce, they are oven grilled to retain their crispiness of the skin and juiciness of the meat.
As I savor the spicy Sambal Chicken drumsticks, the skin and meat are firm and have the fragrance of the Sambal sauce.


Ingredients :
– Chicken drumsticks : 12 pieces
– Chili paste : 3 tbsp (Amount as preferred)
– 5 Green Chilies : cut into sections
– 5 Chili padi
– Raw cane sugar : 2 tbsp
– Salt : 1 tsp (to taste)
– Vegetable seasoning : 1 tsp (to taste)
– Cooking oil : 150 ml
– Water : 200 ml

Ingredients to be blended :
– Shallots : 10 pieces
– Garlic : 5 cloves
– Ginger : 5 slices
– Blue ginger (galangal) : 5 slices
– Lemon Grass : 1 stalk
– 5 Candle nuts

Cooking Method :
(1) Marinate chicken drumsticks with some salt, oven grill at 250 °C for 30 minutes until golden brown. Set aside. (Cooking time may vary with the size of chicken drumsticks and cooking devices)


(2) In blender, half fill the ingredients with water. Blend them into smooth paste.

(3) Cooking Sambal Sauce : Heat up sauce pan with 150 ml of cooking oil, stir in blended paste, chili paste and green chilies, stir fry gentle and mix all ingredients until chili oil is formed, add in water, stir and mix all the ingredients, when the sauce boils, add in raw sugar, salt and seasoning to taste.

(4) Return the grilled chicken drumsticks to the Sambal sauce, simmer for 5 minutes. Ready to serve this spicy and yummy Sambal chicken drumsticks.