Sambal Prawns Recipe

Hello Friends, glad to share with You this spicy, flavorful and aromatic tasting sambal prawns. The savory taste comes from the fragrance of sambal sauce made with a variety of fragrant ingredients. With the delicious taste of prawns, its a savory delight.


Ingredients :
– Tiger Prawns
– Cooking oil : (enough for frying prawns)
– Lettuce (for garnishing)

Ingredients to be blended for Sambal Sauce :
– 10 shallots
– 5 cloves of garlic
– 5 slices of ginger
– 5 slices of blue ginger (galangal)
– 10 candle nuts
– 1 stalk of lemon grass

Other ingredients for Sambal Sauce :>
– Chili paste : 3 tbsp.
– Salt : 1 tsp
– Seasoning : 1 tsp.
– Cane sugar : 2 tbsp.
– Water : 300 ml
– Cooking oil : 100 ml

Cooking Steps :
(1) Heat up oil and fry prawns until cooked, Set aside prawns and drain oil from wok, leave 200 ml of oil in wok for cooking sambal sauce.


(2) Half fill ingredients with water to be blended for sambal sauce, blend into smooth paste.

(3) Use the same wok, add in blended paste and chili paste, stir fry and mix the ingredients.

(4) When the oil is separated from the paste and it does not has a raw smell, add in 1 cup of water, salt, seasoning and cane sugar, stir and mix the ingredients, bring to boil.


(5) Return prawns to the sambal sauce, stir and mix the prawns until they are coated with Sambal sauce. Ready to serve this aromatic sambalĀ  prawn.