Samsung Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds Review – Great Sound That Rocks Giving You Happiness In Listening

Samsung Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds Review. Great Sound That Rocks Giving You Happiness In Listening.

Samsung Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds Review
Samsung Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds Review

With Microsoft’s Swift Pair, Galaxy Buds can now be easily paired with Windows 10 PCs more easily. By utilizing this innovative sound quality, you can utilize Galaxy Buds for work-related tasks, such as remote video meetings and listening to music to keep you motivated throughout your day.

Due to Swift Pair compatibility, Galaxy Buds are now compatible with Galaxy Buds+, offering you the ability to connect to and switch between your favorite mobile and PC devices. For the first time on Galaxy Buds, Ambient Sound 4 can now be experienced automatically with this update.

With your Buds, you can hear your surroundings and remain aware of your surroundings, even while watching movies or listening to your favorite music at a high volume. The addition of Ambient Sound allows you to listen to your surroundings even with only one earbud inserted, giving you more options as to how you tune in or tune out.

Listen to your personalized playlist with a single press on your Galaxy Buds. Spotify users are now able to listen to their personalized playlists with a single press on their Galaxy Buds. You can launch Spotify using a simple ‘Tap & Hold’ gesture and begin listening to your music wherever you left off.5┬áNot feeling it? If you tap and hold again, Spotify will suggest playlists that are tailored to your tastes, so that you can discover your new favorite song through your Galaxy Buds with ease.

Whether you are starting a workout or starting your day, you can play your personal soundtrack instantly, whenever you want.

It is available on smartphones running Android L OS or higher with a minimum of 1.5 GB of RAM. The latest version of the Galaxy Wearable app and the software for the earbuds are required. The software is compatible with Windows 10 versions 1803 and higher. The Galaxy Buds can be paired on a PC by going to the ‘Bluetooth & other devices’ menu under settings. For mobile devices, Galaxy Buds support Samsung’s Easy Pair, while for computers, Microsoft’s Swift Pair is supported. By downloading the Galaxy Wearable app from the Galaxy Store or the Google Play Store, it is possible to pre-set and enable Ambient Sound. Pre-installation is required. To choose your preference under the Galaxy Wearable app, navigate to settings and then to the ‘Touch Pad’ menu. For users who have installed the latest version of Spotify on their smartphone, personalized music may be available at a subscription fee.

An Android device must be paired with this device. You must first download the SmartThings app on your Samsung device and ensure that it is running the latest version and that your Samsung account is logged in before you can connect your Galaxy Buds / Galaxy Buds+ to another Samsung device. Samsung devices running Android 7.1.1 or later should follow the instructions below. If you wish to connect your Galaxy Buds / Galaxy Buds+ to an Android device other than a Samsung device, you will first need to download the Galaxy Wearable app from the Google Play Store.

Step 1. Insert the earbuds into the charging case in their corresponding slots.

Step 2. It is recommended that you close and reopen the charging case. Automatic pairing will take place when the earbuds are inserted.

Step 3. You will see a pop-up window on your Samsung device if you are pairing your device with one. When the pop-up window appears, click “Connect”. Open Galaxy Wearables if you are pairing with a device that is not Samsung.

Step 4. Complete the connection process by following the instructions on the screen.

Step 5. Once your Galaxy Buds / Galaxy Buds+ have been connected, they will automatically attempt to connect to your device every time you open the charging case. Galaxy Buds / Galaxy Buds+ will be able to connect automatically to any device logged into your Samsung Account.

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