Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review – A Insider Look At Its Features And Benefits

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review. A Insider Look At Its Features And Benefits.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review

We have once again revised the Fold line by shortening and widening it in order to better display phone applications. The next major Samsung product launch will take place on August 10. Samsung’s Twitter account confirmed an earlier leak from Evan Blass, aka Evleaks, by tweeting a puzzle with the answer “081022. The company is expected to unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and Buds2 Pro earbuds at the event.

Samsung’s announcement comes at an excellent time, as more leaks have also been released today. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 have been rendered by Blass and 91Mobiles, according to reports. There has been little change in the exterior design of either device, but rumor has it we will see a lot of changes to the dimensions and internal configuration of both devices. According to leaker Ice Universe, the Galaxy Fold will once again be shortened and widened.

A short and thin screen on the exterior of the Fold 3 can cause layout problems, a cramped feeling, and a small keyboard. With the Z Fold 4, the front screen will be shorter and wider, which will result in a smaller aspect ratio than that of a normal smartphone. The shorter and wider dimensions on the inside will facilitate media playback and split-screen content, as the split will be similar to two normal smartphones placed next to each other. Do not believe the claim that Fold4 and Fold3 are very similar. There have been many changes to the Fold4 design, particularly with respect to the hinge.

If you would like to see the Z Fold 4 from more angles, check out these unofficial renders from Onleaks and Smartprix. There are conflicting reports regarding the device’s thickness. According to the Onleaks rendering, the dimensions of the Z Fold 4 are 155*130*7.1mm. The Fold 3 measures 158.2*128.1*6.4 mm, which is shorter, wider, and thicker than the Fold 3. In the meantime, Ice Universe continues to claim that the Fold 4 is “thinner” than the Fold 3 while maintaining the same 4400mAh battery.

As a general rule, we do not complain about the thickness of phones – more battery and less camera bump is usually a good thing – but thickness is a tricky issue when it comes to foldable phones. As these measurements are for the phone when it is open, folded up, you will have at least a 14.2 mm-thick device. The hinges on Samsung’s Fold 3 do not fold flat, so when folded up, you have a 16 mm wedge.

List of Features And Benefits Of This Amazing Device
FLEX MODE: This smartphone stands on its own so you can take notes during a conference call or follow along with instructional videos in real time.

HANDS FREE VIDEO: Access your phone in Flex Mode and multitask while catching up with friends; Hands-free video chat allows you to multitask and move freely while staying in frame.

MULTI-VIEW WINDOW: Attend a virtual meeting while taking notes at the same time, or watch your favorite shows while answering texts; With multiple windows, you can accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously with Galaxy Z Fold4.

S PEN READY: With the S Pen, your Galaxy Z Fold4 can be transformed into a multifunctional device; you can make notes while attending virtual meetings, drag and drop** content, and get more done.

YOUR APPS, YOUR WAY: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold’s app display optimization lets you customize how you view apps on the edge-to-edge screen; You can also use multiple apps simultaneously by dragging and dropping** content from one window to the other.

YOUR PHONE & WATCH WORK AS ONE: Easily switch between your Galaxy Watch and your Galaxy Z Fold 4 to capture hands-free selfies; Plus, keep track of your day by switching between your Watch and phone.

BIG SCREEN, BIG SOUND: Need to leave while listening to your favorite podcast? Keep your Galaxy Buds in your pocket for seamless listening; Unfold connectivity with your Galaxy Z Fold4 and Buds