Savory And Nutritious Hot Pot Recipe

Delighted to share a nutritious and fulfilling hotpot with seafood, meats and veggies. After boiling delicious and fresh ingredients, the soup is flavorful, sweet and tasty.

No seasoning or salt is added to the soup to savor the flavorful taste of ingredients infused into it. The soup itself has a wonderful sweet and salty taste which is savory. Adding soup to noodles brings out a delicious and tasty flavor to enjoy.

Hot Pot Recipe

Ingredients :

Savory and Nutritious Hot Pot Recipe

– Fish balls
– Button mushroom
– Fried Bean curb (wrap with fish paste)
– Scallops
– Prawns
– Fish Maw
– Sea cucumber
– Pork collar slices
– Cuttlefish
– Vegetables
– Noodles

Simple steps
(1) Place varieties of ingredients in the pot, fill in boiling water, continue to cook the ingredients.

(2) Once the soup boils and the ingredients cooked, its ready to serve.

Chili Sauce made with ready made sauces and fresh ingredients:
To savor the hot pot, mix the following ingredients in a bowl.
– Lemon Chili sauce : 3 tbsp
– Sweet chili sauce : 3 tbsp
– Lime juice and lime peel : (from 4 limes)
– Cane sugar : 2 tbsp
– Sesame oil : 2 tbsp
– Sesame seed : 1 tbsp
– Parsley : 2 stalks finely chop