Sceptre E248B – FutureUniverseTV Presents A Monitor That Has FreeSync Eye Care

Sceptre E248B gaming monitor. FutureUniverseTV Presents A Monitor That Has FreeSync Eye Care that helps protect your eyes.

Sceptre E248B
Sceptre E248B

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Below is the summarized features of Sceptre E248B that can give you a fantastic viewing experience while you game, watch movies or do your work. It is a versatile and powerful monitor designed to give you the best comfort.

Up to 165Hz Refresh Rate: Pushing beyond the standard 144Hz refresh rate, the 165Hz refresh rate provides gamers with an edge in terms of visibility since frames transition instantly, leaving behind no blurring.

IPS Panel: The IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel is unbeatable when it comes to delivering exceptional color performance and sharp visibility from a wide range of viewing angles.

As a result of AMD FreeSync, gamers can now enjoy smooth video and seamless on-the-spot movement throughout their fast-paced games. The AMD FreeSync technology is designed to eliminate tearing and stuttering that can occur as a result of the difference between the frame rate of a graphics card and the refresh rate of a monitor.

The Edgeless Design completely immerses you in the breathtaking action and stunning scenery that 1080P resolution and 165Hz refresh rate provide.

Three HDMI ports produce an impressive 144Hz refresh rate, while one DisplayPort port produces an impressive 165Hz refresh rate, all in Full High Definition.

Blue Light Shift: Reduce the blue light coming from your monitor in order to prevent eye fatigue, irritation, and strain. As a result, you are able to work more comfortably for extended periods of time on your documents, watch movies, or play games.

The monitor is equipped with built-in speakers that provide office-level audio for conference calls and online workshops. Listen to your favorite tunes while enjoying engaging audio.

Anti-Flicker: Prevents periodic flickering of the backlight, which ensures a crisper image.

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