Seed Starting Kit – Complete Supplies – 3 Mini Sturdy Greenhouse Trays with Dome fits on Windowsill, Fiber Soil Pods, Instructions. Indoor/Outdoor Gardening. Grow Herbs, Flowers and Vegetables

Seed Starting Kit

Some tips for seed planting and preparation

 1. Some Seeds can be soaked in water at high temperatures some can’t

When you start seeds, remember to soak them in hot water. It depends on the breed of your seed. Some seeds can take the 100 degrees temperature while some can’t. You can check with your local gardening shop, growers and university extension staff for more guidance and support.

2. Watch out for the true leaf

Watch for the true leaf to bud and this will be where the fruit or plant direction will grow.

3. Growing Sprouts For Health

I recommend you try out alfalfa seed growing. After a few days, it will sprout and you can eat them. It is fun, convenient and healthy to consume sprouts as they are packed with nutrients and vitamins. It is said that sailors who eat sprouts are have good nutrition levels and they are healthier when they eat sprouts. If  you are a sailor and you are always on the sea or you can have other professions or you are student, you can venture into trying to grow your own sprouts.

4. If you are a beginner try using a kit

If you are beginner at gardening, it is important to try using seed growing kits so that you gain some practical experience into growing them. You may face issues but your learning curve is not that steep and you are more motivated when you see great results of growth from the plants or sprouts you grow.

Check out the review and benefits below. 

***CHECK OUT OUR STORE! – Click on the blue Window Garden link at top of page*** SO EASY! – Just hydrate the seed starters, insert the seeds or cuttings and keep moist inside the warm mini greenhouse. Then transplant them into a planter or your garden when they’ve grown. It’s amazing to see the results! Perfect for any skill level and great for kids too. Comes with detailed easy-to-follow instructions. (Seeds not included)
SUCCESSFUL SEED GERMINATION – Includes 3 high quality and reusable mini greenhouses, which creates a moist and warm environment needed for reliable seed germination. Compact size – 10” x 4”, small enough to fit on your windowsill, providing easy access and close monitoring. Thick sturdy trays so you can use for many seasons.
SUCCESSFUL TRANSPLANTING – Includes 30 – 36mm Fiber Soil Direct Plant Seed Starters. Once seedlings have grown, simply insert the entire seed starter / seedling into an outdoor patio / deck planter or backyard garden. Because there’s no root disturbance, plants are easily established. Couldn’t be easier!
DENSE, STRONG ROOTS – Because of root air pruning, Fiber Soil Seed Starters have a better root system capable of absorbing more oxygen, moisture and nutrients. When roots penetrate the outer netting, the outside air inhibits (prunes) the roots from growing further out. At the same time, the air pruning causes the inner roots to explode with beneficial fibrous root growth. Unlike many seed starting trays that cause roots to spiral around the container, creating a tangled, inferior root system.
WHERE DO YOU GROW IT? – It fits perfectly on your windowsill. Or better yet, try our Veg Ledge suction cup window shelf. Give your seedlings the sun it needs and unclutter your counter space. See promotion to save 10% on a Veg Ledge!