Serafim Keybo Review – FutureUniverseTV Presents This Powerful High Tech Device

Serafim Keybo Review.  FutureUniverseTV Presents This Powerful High Tech Device.

Serafim Keybo Review
Serafim Keybo Review

Summary Of Its Features And Benefits

  • You can take our compact & lightweight Serafim Keybo anywhere as long as you have a pocket. With its English QWERTY layout, our laser keyboard works with both Bluetooth and USB, making it a fast and convenient way to use your phone.

  • It’s easy to mistype unwanted keystrokes with the layout of current laser keyboards, which are square keys without spaces between them. You’ll hit the right key every time with our calculated round keys.

  • VIRTUAL STUDIO WITH 4+ MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS — Use Serafim Keybo on the road or in the studio to create music instantly through its built-in music app (IOS & Android). Make your get-togethers more fun by playing piano, guitar, bass, or drums!

  • Serafim Keybo doubles as a cellphone stand, so you can turn your phone into a mobile workstation in a flash. The premium 2000mAh battery also makes it a great power bank for emergencies.

  • YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR TYPING EXPERIENCE NOW — People now bring their business everywhere. Now you don’t have to be frustrated typing on your phone. Follow all global tech users now. Your imagination will be blown away by Serafim Keybo.

Serafim Keybo doesn’t support MPE or MIDI 2.0, but it’s a next-gen keyboard despite not supporting MPE or MIDI 2.0. However, it’s not really a keyboard; it’s a laser projector that can project a virtual musical keyboard on any flat surface. You can play piano, guitar, bass, and drums with Keybo’s dedicated music app on iOS and Android. You can use it as a phone stand, and it says it’s good for 10 hours. We’re not sure if the Keybo can be used as a MIDI keyboard for other music-making apps, but it’d definitely be more appealing to producers if it did.

In addition to being a keyboard, the Serafim Keybo also doubles as a musical instrument. You can play piano, guitar, bass, drums, and more with just a few clicks. The Serafim app makes this possible, so you won’t have to carry around heavy instruments to your next jam session – just make sure you have a stable surface.

You’ve never seen a grandma like this before! We’ve got a new game called Walking Grandma. Take your pick of music, pick your favorite clothes, and leap with her in the desert, forest, urban, and even more! With Serafim Keybo, you can turn any flat surface into grandma’s walking stage! Let’s unlock your special grandma!

Despite looking like something out of science fiction, projection keyboards have actually been around for a while. However, they have the same problems as standard keyboards: unresponsive keys and limited placement options. However, you can use the Serafim Keybo on any flat surface; just plug it into your laptop, tablet or phone and start typing.

The artisan keyboard scene isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you just want to type while traveling, or look into the future.