Sony Linkbuds For Sale – FutureUniverseTV Presents A Smart And Powerful Listening Experience

Sony Linkbuds For Sale. FutureUniverseTV Presents A Smart And Powerful Listening Experience. 

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There’s a great app for the Sony LinkBuds. You can customize their sound profile with a graphic EQ and presets like ‘Bass Boost’ and ‘Relaxed’. You can also set up head tracking for the ‘Soundscape’ feature, which the manufacturer says helps you navigate by giving you audio cues that seem to “come from” a destination. You can also get audio prompts when you walk by points of interest, like an intersection or a building.

It’s possible to remap the controls on both earbuds, but you lose some features if you do. You have to download the separate ‘Microsoft Soundscape’ app to use it, though. It’s possible to skip the track backward, but you lose play/pause. The ‘Quick Access’ option lets you use Spotify Tap to play music from that app, or you can use your device’s voice assistant, Amazon Alexa.

Other features you can enable/disable are ‘Automatic Power Off’ (turns off your headphones when you’re not wearing them), ‘Smart Pause’ (pauses your audio when you’re not wearing them), and ‘Speak-to-Chat’ (pauses your audio when you speak). Also, you can turn on automatic volume adjustment, which turns the volume up when it’s noisy and lowers it when it’s quiet. If you want to tap your ear to register commands, you can toggle ‘Wide Area Tap’ on or off. In addition, you can set up 360 Reality Audio and do an ear shape test.

LinkBuds have a feature called Wide Area Tap. By tapping my earlobes (just in front of where the bulbous part of the buds sit) I can pause a song or control the volume. The buds themselves are interesting enough, but I’m satisfied enough with tapping them.

Sony Linkbuds For Sale
Sony Linkbuds For Sale

Benefits Of This Product

Play games, listen to music, and hear other types of online content while staying naturally connected to your surroundings.

A set of ultra-small and light Bluetooth earbuds with five fitting supporters that fit different ear shapes, and a USB-C charging cable.

With Precise Voice Pickup technology, you can make crystal clear phone calls.

HIGH-QUALITY BALANCED SOUND-Integrated V1 processor.


Splash and sweat resistant. IPX4 RATING.

CONNECT TWO DEVICES AT ONCE– You can connect two devices at once (available via firmware update).

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