Soy Bean Paste Kee Fish Recipe

Deep Fried Kee Fish Topped With Soy Bean Paste Recipe

Hello my Friends, share with you this tasty and flavorful fish dish cooked with salted soy bean paste.

Salted soy bean is blended into paste and stir fried with garlic and ginger until fragrant.  Raw cane sugar is added to balance the saltiness and bring out the rich aroma and taste of the sauce.

The aromatic sauce  has made this a savory fish dish with white rice or porridge.


Ingredients :
– 2 Kee fishes : 500 grams (in total)
– Salted soy beans : 3 tsp (blend into paste)
– Garlic : 5 cloves (minced
– Ginger : 3 slices (minced)
– Raw cane sugar : 1 tbsp
– Dark soy sauce : 1 tsp
– Water : 200 ml
– cooking oil : enough for deep frying
– Spring onions : cut into small sections
– Chili strips

Simple Way of Preparation :

(1) Marinate Kee fishes with some salt, set aside for 15 minutes.

(2) Deep fry fish until golden brown and crispy set aside on a plate.


(3) Heat up 2 tbsp of oil in a pan, stir fry minced ginger and garlic until fragrant, add in soy     bean paste, again stir fry and mix all the ingredients.

(4) Add in water, raw sugar and dark soy sauce, stir and mix all the ingredients.

(5) Once the sauce boils, pour it onto the fish, garnish with spring onion and chili strips. Ready to