Spices Honey Spring Chicken Recipe

Grill Spices And Honey Spring Chicken Recipe

A tasty combination of honey sweetness and fragrance of spices gives a delicious aftertaste. Chicken is also juicy and the fragrance of honey and spices are infused into the meat as well. The sauces are also brushed onto potatoes and carrots which gives sweet and aromatic taste as well. Lettuce is added for health benefits and to add to the variety of colors for this dish. Enjoy this dish.


Ingredients :
– 1 Spring Chicken
– Potatoes (cut into bite sizes)
– Carrots (cut into bite sizes)

Ingredients to be mixed:
– Honey : 3 tbsp.
– Turmeric powder : 1 tbsp.
– Coriander powder : 3 tbsp.
– Korma powder : 1 tbsp.
– Cumin powder : 1 tbsp.
– Black pepper : 1 tbsp.
– Salt : 1 tsp
– Cooking oil: 4 tbsp.

Cooking Method :
(1) Mix honey and spices ingredients in a bowl.
(2) Rub chicken with some salt, grill chicken at 220ÂșC for half an hour.
(3) After half an hour, brush chicken with honey and spices mixed, add in potatoes and carrots, continue to grill for another 20 minutes or until preferred browning.