Spicy Curry Vegetables Recipe

Hi, my Friends, share with You this spicy goodness and aromatic curry vegetables.

The delicious and fragrant taste of this dish comes from the combination of all the ingredients. No salt and seasoning are added as dry shrimp give this dish a fragrant and salty flavor. The coconut milk enhances the flavor and thickness of the curry.

Cauliflower is added last to retain its crunchiness. As these veggies are cooked into the curry there are different layers of tastes that are savory.


Veggies Ingredients :


– Cauliflower : cut into florets
– Egg plants : cut into bite size length-wise
– Okra : 12 pods

Ingredients to be blended:
– 5 Shallots
– 5 cloves of garlic
– 1/2 stalk of Lemon grass
– Ginger : 4 slices
– Blue ginger (galangal) : 4 slices
– 5 candle nuts

Other ingredients :
– Dry shrimps : 20 grams
– Curry paste : 150 grams
– Chili paste : 50 grams
– Coconut Milk : 500 grams
– Water : 300 ml
– Cooking oil 75 ml

Cooking Method :
(1) With water half fill the ingredients to be blended, blend into smooth paste.

(2) Wash dry shrimps and blend them into floss.

(3) Heat up pan without oil, fry shrimp floss until dry and crispy, set aside.

(4) Heat up 75 ml of cooking oil in a deep pot, add in blended ingredients, curry paste, chili paste, stir gentle and mix all the ingredients evenly. Stir the ingredients once a while until it is cooked without raw smell and separated from the oil.

(5) Add in crispy shrimp floss, coconut milk follow by water, gently stir and mix the ingredients evenly.

(6) Once the curry sauce boils, add in okra and eggplant, simmer for 5 minutes or until okra and eggplant are 80% cooked. Finally stir in cauliflower, simmer till all veggies are cooked.