Spring Onion Egg Omelette Recipe

Spring Onions

Yeah! I grow Spring Onions, I  harvested them within 10 days.  I cook it right after i harvest them to lock in it’s fresh taste,crunchiness and nutrients. Spring Onion is low in sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol.

In addition to works as an appetizer, here are some of the nutritional values of Spring Onion :-
– Help to reduce cholesterol level.
– Help to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
– Help to reduce the chances of developing colon cancer.
– Good against eye and ear disease and problems.
– Good for treating arthritis and asthma.
– Provides health benefits of diabetics.
– Provides protection against fungal infections.
– It’s anti-bacterial properties help to fight against cold and flu.

Regular intake of Spring Onion can protect us from many disease and health problem.

NOW ! let us enjoy the delicious and nutritious Spring Onion Omelette. Capsicum is added to boost the appetite.

Spring Onion Egg Omelette Recipe

Recipe of Layered Spring Onion Omelette 

Ingredients: Spring Onion, Eggs, Capsicum, Salt and pepper (to taste).

Method : Add beaten eggs with all ingredients, fry layer by layer in half rounded shape until all the egg mixture is used up.

Method for cooking layered Spring Onion Omelette: 

(1) 1st layer is round shape, heat up oil in pan, add in egg mixture, when it is almost cook, flip it into half round shape.

(2) 2nd layer : add egg mixture into the pan, when it almost cook, flip the other half round shape over.

(3) Repeat the 2nd step until the egg mixture is used up.

 VOW!, Beautiful and Delicious Layered Omelette is ready