Steamboat At Home Recipe

Savory Steamboat Cooked At Home Recipe

Hi Friends, introduce you my favorite steamboat recipe that you can cook at home. Hope You like it. After boiling the ingredients in steamboat, the soup gives a sweet and flavorful taste which you can eat with rice or noodles.

The combination of fresh seafood, meat, bean curd, fish balls, vegetables, salt & seasoning etc. makes it flavorful and delicious. Check out the list of ingredients below.

Dipping the steamboat ingredients with the chili sauce is sure to pamper your taste buds. This chili sauce is made from combining different sauces and condiments that lifts the flavor of the foods.

Here is the how the beautiful steam boat full of fresh delicious ingredients look like.


Ingredients :


– Sea cucumber
– Fish Maw (soak in water until it softens)
– Prawns
– Squids
– Lettuce
– Pork collar slices
– Pork belly slices
– Baked fish cake (Kibun Takebue)
– Fish balls with chicken fillings
– Bean curb skin with fish paste fillings
– Wheat noodle (yellow noodle)
– Salt and chicken seasoning to taste
– Chili Sauce

Chili Sauce


Chili Sauce Ingredients :
– Garlic ginger chili sauce (ready made)
– Sesame oil
– Salt and sugar
– Sesame seed
– Peanut flakes
– Spring onions

Method :
1. Before savoring steam boat, get ready chili sauce by mixing together all chili sauce ingredients.

2. Fill steam boat with 3/4 of plain water, add in little salt and chicken seasoning to enhance the sweetness of the soup after all the ingredients have been added in.

3. Once the water boils, add in all ingredients. Alternatively, You can add in your favorite foods one by one.

4. By the time all ingredients are cooked, the soup becomes very sweet and tasty. You can add yummy soup to the noodles or vermicelli. Savor their fragrant taste together with sweet and flavorful Soup.