Steamed Toman Fish Recipe

Steamed Toman Fish Topped With Fried Crispy Garlic Recipe

I am glad to share with You this healthy and savory steamed Toman fish with ginger and topped with fragrant fried crispy garlic slices.
After steaming, the fragrance of ginger and garlic oil has infused into the tender fish meat, together with the topping of aroma golden brown crispy garlic slices, it is really a treat to the taste buds.
Savor this steamed fish with steamed broccoli and honey cherry tomatoes.


Ingredients :
– Toman steak : 200 grams
– 1 garlic bulb : thinly sliced
– Few pieces of Ginger : cut into strips
– Mirin (rice wine) : 3 tbsp.
– Salt and pepper (to taste)
– Cooking oil

Method of Cooking :

1. Marinate Toman fish with rice wine, salt and pepper, set aside for 15 minutes.

2. Slice garlic cloves into thin slices, fry them in hot oil until golden brown. Drain oil, set aside and let it cool. Store garlic oil for later use.

3. Spread ginger strips onto bottom of plate or bowl for steaming. Place marinated Toman fish on top of the ginger, spread a tbsp of garlic oil, steam for 10 minutes until fish is cooked and tender.

4. Before serve, topped with fried crispy garlic.