Titan Controls Atlas Review And Features

Titan Controls Atlas Review And Troubleshooting

Titan Controls Atlas 8 Review And Troubleshooting

Atlas® 8 is a digital CO2 monitor and controller. Once the CO2 level has reached your desired set point, the CO2 device will be disabled. A photocell ensures that the CO2 is only delivered during the day via a generator or regulator. This controller comes with a 15-foot remote sensor that contains the photocell and CO2 sniffer. In addition to having traditional injection capabilities, it also features fuzzy logic programming.

The fuzzy logic applied to the output controlling your CO2 regulator ensures that you do not undershoot or overshoot your predetermined set point. The CO2 min/max can also be viewed on the LCD display. A plastic enclosure resists dust, corrosion, and moisture. Maximum 15 amps, 120 volts, 60 Hz. The Atlas® 8 is a digital CO2 controller and monitor. Use of a photocell to ensure ‘daytime only’ dosing of CO2. A 15 foot remote sensor is used.

Provides fuzzy logic programming. Using fuzzy logic, your CO2 regulator output is continuously calculated to ensure that you do not fall below or exceed your predetermined set point. This information is displayed on the LCD display. The plastic enclosure is resistant to dust, rust, and moisture. Rated at 15 amps, 120 volts, and 60 Hz. Three-year warranty. Non-copper wiring will void the warranty. To prevent arcing and potential input terminal meltdown, it is recommended that all connections be re-tightened every 60 to 90 days. Power arcing caused by loose connections is not covered by the warranty.

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