Tofu Dumplings Recipe

My Friends, enjoy and savor delicious noodles set meal with deep fried tofu dumplings and dumplings soup. You get best of both worlds by having the soup and deep fried version of dumplings and noodles.

What I like about these recipes?
It is in the filling. With Bean curd, turnip, mushrooms and spring onions and also the dumpling skin, it is fragrant and savory.

I also like the noodles that are chewy. The soup version of noodles has a nice texture taste to it. The dry version has the spiciness and savory flavor.

Photo of crispy tofu dumplings after deep drying


Ingredients for dumpling :

– Bean curb (2 pieces)
– Turnip : 150 grams
– Dry mushrooms (3 pieces)
– Dumpling skin : square shape (for soup) and round shapes (for deep fry)
– Spring onions
– Cooking oil : enough for deep frying

Condiments for dumplings :
– Sesame oil : 2 tbsp
– Corn Flour : 3 tbsp
– Light soy sauce : 1 tsp
– Salt and vegetable seasoning : 1/2 tsp
– White pepper powder

Ingredients for Noodle Set Meal :
– Wheat flour Noodle
– Ready-made BBQ meat (Grill in oven and slice them)
– Leafy vegetables
– Water : 1.5 Litre
– Vegetable stock cube : 1 cube
– Spring Onion (cut into small sections)
– White pepper powder

Sauce for Dry Noodle :
– Chili sauce
– Sesame oil
– Light soy sauce
– Pickled green chili

Method of cooking :
(1) Soak dry mushrooms until soften and dice into small cubes.
(2) Remove skin of turnip, cut into very small cubes.
(3) Mash tofu piece in a bowl, add in mushroom. turnip, spring onion and all the condiments, mix all ingredients evenly.

(4) Deep fried tofu dumplings :
4.1 Wrap 1 tsp of tofu mixture with round shaped dumplings skin (which is bigger in size), fold into half and use some water to seal the opening.
4.2 Slightly fold them into fan shape or any shape you like. Deep fry until golden brown.
4.3 Enjoy and savor this crispy fried tofu dumplings with chili sauce.

(5) Set Meal : Dry noodle with fried tofu dumplings, BBQ meat, vegetable and a bowl of dumplings soup
5.1 Boil water to cook noodle. Set aside cooked noodle in a plate, add in chili sauce, light soy sauce and sesame oil, mix evenly until all ingredients are well blended.
5.2 Serve with crispy fried dumplings, BBQ meat and a bowl of tasty dumplings soup. A burst of flavor into your month when you savor sour pickled green chilies with the whole dish.

(6) Tofu Dumplings with Soup Set Meal :
6.1 Wrap 1/2 tsp of tofu mixture with square shaped dumplings skin, fold and seal opening.
6.2 Boil water. When water boils, add in dumplings and cook them. As dumplings float to the top of boiling water, they are cooked. Set aside in a plate. Add some sesame oil, so they won’t stick together.
6.3 To cook soup : Add a vegetable stock cube and green vegetables to the boiling water. When vegetable is cooked, return cooked dumpling to the soup. Garnish with spring onion and white pepper powder when serve.


(7) It is also very yummy to enjoy noodle with dumplings soup. Serve hot with BBQ meat and vegetable. Garnish with spring onions and white pepper powder.